How are you paying for Christmas this year?

Santa isn't giving you the cash!

How I will pay for Christmas and make it a less stressful occasion.

Christmas should be a time for family and for thinking about what people have not got and about those less fortunate than ourselves. Being Pagan and not Christian, this also means I consider what the Earth is doing and about everything going back to the Mother Goddess to hibernate ready for regrowth in the Spring. Being among a rather large Christian family, my Christmas tends to be a mix of both Pagan and Christian. Which most will know Christmas already is anyway.

Regardless of what it SHOULD be, Christmas is and always will be a strenuous time for people to find money for gifts that they usually haven't got spare.


With a large family, this was my motivation in 2009 to get myself an extra income that would pay for all the extra things that the family wages could not afford. Which in our family amounts to anything that is not a main utility bill or mortgage.

As many people trying to do what I set out to do. I started off without a clue. I worked hours on survey sites and "pay to click" sites. Only to gain pennies, but those pennies were a stepping stone to learning more important things. It was also a stepping stone to meeting the circle of writers that I have come to recognise in various places over the internet.


By taking part on these forums, I heard of other writing sites and revenue sharing sites. This is how I became to write for Info Barrel and Hubpages. I also joined, which is a question and answers site that shares Google Adsense revenue with its writers.


This was not the straightforward beginning and end however. During the last year or so I have been introduced to probably well over 20 sites, giving most of them a good go, I did some microwork at Mturks, but being in the UK I can only get paid through Amazon gift certificates, although for my fellow Americans it may be worth earning a bit of extra cash for quick jobs whilst you are bored or suffering writers block. However, for the higher earner webmasters and internet business owners of you reading this, it simply is not worth your time.

As you can imagine learning is not the position to be in when you need to make some serious cash. If you can not make cash through your brain, then you have to make it through sheer effort and hard work whilst you are learning.

So that is when I found places such as Toluna, where I worked filling surveys out for points, and then cashing those in for vouchers. I have a mixture of Love2shop vouchers and amazon gift certificates from working on here, this has paid for quite a few Christmas gifts over the year.

Other survey sites that I have worked for and still do when I have the odd bit of time are Opinion outpost, these are the only survey site that I know of that pay you in cash instead of vouchers. They have a very small payout of a few pounds also.

Valued opinions and Purepoints are among other survey sites I have done also. As much as these have been great you really are working for less than minimum wage an hour. It still helped pay for Christmas though and that was my target until I can maintain an income. If I can pay for Christmas then the family budget goes further, it is that simple!

The journey here is by no means enough to cover a Christmas in this family because of its sheer size, but it has paid for approximately half of it. Not only that but as I said, the lessons learned and the savvy savers that you meet along the way teach you where to work and where to look for deals on gifts. I never buy anything online now with out going through a cash back site like Topcashback.

So I guess you can say that I have earned half of Christmas and saved for half of Christmas, but compared to two years ago when the whole Christmas went on credit, I am extremely satisfied with my efforts.

So go and do it my friends. Find out where you can make money and work work work, and save also. 

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