No one in the world can force you and/or make you provide excellent customer service as it is at your choice to do so.

Recently I was shopping for a pair of shoes – running shoes since my old ones needed to be replaced. So I walked into one of the brand name franchise shoe stores and noticed that as soon as I walked into the store, I haven’t been greeted nor asked if I need any help which I found odd. The store was empty, I and one other client was the only potential customers they had and there were 3 clerks at the desk – one was on the phone chatting away with most likely his buddy while the other two were looking at TV and were in the middle of betting which team will take the home run. I found myself in a very interesting sort of speak situation so I asked the two clerks if they happen to have such and such pair of running shoes so they pointed me to the area where I should find the pair. Seeing that what I’m looking for is not here, I asked that I don’t see the ones that I want and I was told - If you don’t see them, then we don’t carry them - going back to their rebuttal of the sports game on TV. So if no one can assist me, I decided to walk out of the store and on my way out none of the employees even noticed me leaving.

It took the subway four stations down the road and this time, I saw a number of people walking with shopping begs from a little corner store - the kind that you can barley see. At first, I was greeted with a smile while at the same time I was asked with a very polite and friendly manner: How can I help you? Please let me know if I can be to you of any help? There were few people in the store and everyone was being looked after by one clerk. I told the clerk what I was looking for and the service provided was at the spot. Please have a seat. Here I brought you three different pairs and the fourth one is coming right up so that you can see which pair fits and suites you best. Even though the store was small in comparison to the other one, there was place for everyone to sit down and try their shoes.

This customer service was excellent and was right up the clerks alley – the 4th pair that was brought was out of the clerk’s way. I was amazed how quickly and friendly I was served and bought my running shoes exactly which I desired to get. The store itself was spotless, neat and clean as well as was very nicely decorated. The employees working there were all dressed in a freshly and presentable manner. Every clerk had a smile on their face when serving their client. I also was not approached with such comments - no we don’t carry this brand and/or we just don’t have the shoes you are looking for. Instead, the clerk would answer - let me check in the back and/or I will phone another place, and find out if I can get you what you are looking for.

So this place provided exceptional customer service with excellence to detail and perfection. Every client walking out of the store was happy and most importantly satisfied with their service. I commented on their customer service and was told that customer service is what brings our clients back to the store. The clerk also told me that it was exactly 3 years ago that the store changed its image and applied new methods of customer service out of their choice which not only grew their profits by thirty percent since the implementation of the new agenda but at the same time allows them to compete in the market against their giant competitors. How important is customer service to you? Will you want to do business with someone that points you to a direction so that you can look for the product yourself and/or do you want to do business with someone with a smile that will simply ask you: How can I help you? I think it makes a big difference.