Have you been confused about how the point system for contests and extra ad impressions work? It seems to confuse a lot of new writers at InfoBarrel. Here is an explanation of the system that should help you understand the way all of the parts are calculated. It helps if you separate the contest from the ad share portion in your mind until you understand it.

Two Ways To Earn More: Any Articles and Themed Articles

There are two ways to get the extra ad bonus each month. Working on one automatically gives you points towards the other, but not vice versa. This is where some of the confusion comes (on top of trying to explain the contest on the same page).

You get points for ad percentage increase by writing any article. This can earn you 10% more ad impressions each month. Everything, whether it is part of the theme for the month or not, gets counted for points towards this 10%. You can also get a higher ad revenue percentage (5% more) by writing themed articles.

Any Articles

Any article you write goes towards the number of points you need to get up to 10% more AdSense impressions. This is the maximum additional revenue share you can earn by writing an article of any type.

You earn points based on the length of your article. You can earn 1 point for articles of 500 to 799 words. 2 points are earned for articles of 800 to 999 words. Articles over 1000 words earn you 5 points.

  • 500 to 799 words = 1 point
  • 800 to 999 words = 2 points
  • 1000 words or more = 5 points

You must have 21 to 30 points to get an additional 5% ad impressions for the following month. More than 30 points, this means 31 and up, will get you 10% more ad impressions for the next month. These articles and points are separate from the themed articles. You can only earn up to 10% more with non-themed articles.

Themed Articles

On top of the 10% you can earn by writing articles of any type, you can earn an additional 1% per article that fits the month's theme. There is a limit of 5% ad impression increase that you can get for writing themed articles. In other words, you can write 20 themed articles, but only 5 will earn you a percent increase for themed articles.

Themed articles are also given points like any other article. You can earn more AdSense impressions by virtue of them earning points. Therefore, themed articles can help you earn in two ways: percentage increase for being themed and points earned towards the 21+ and 31+ points for the additional percentages.

Themed articles earn points by using the same point scale as any other article:

  • 500 to 799 words = 1 point
  • 800 to 999 words = 2 points
  • 1000 words or more = 5 points

This means you can earn up to 25 points by writing 5 themed articles that are at least 1000 words each. You will get an additional 5% ad share because of the 5 themed articles (1% for each article) and you will earn an extra 5% because you got in the 21 to 30 point range.

To get credit for the themed articles, you must email the admin by the end of the first day of the next month. This email needs to contain the titles of your themed articles. Though they don't say it at the page that explains this, it is probably helpful if you also send them a link with your title.

Summary of Points and Additional Ad Share

[This is a restatement of everything above. Don't get confused and think that this is in addition to the information that came before. This is a summary.]

Regardless of whether your articles are based on the theme or not, each one of them earns points based on their length. Up to and including 20 points for the month will not earn you any extra ad impressions. You must have 21 to 30 points to get an additional 5%. "More than 30 points" will get you another 5% for a total of 10% more AdSense impressions. Notice the "more than 30 points." This means that 30 points will not get you the 10%. You must have at least 31 points during the month.

You can also earn and additional 5% impressions by writing themed articles. You get 1% per article regardless of length.

It is possible to earn at total of 15% more ad impressions per month for a total of 90% for the following month. It is easy to see that it is important to write at least 31 points worth of articles each month. Out of all your articles you write for the month, 5 of them need to be in accordance to the theme for the month.

The Contest

Now that the points and percentages have been explained, we can talk about the contest. By including the ad impression increase on the same page as the contest, many people are getting confused. The contest is an independent game that you can participate in, but everything you do in the contest goes towards the extra ad impressions, and everything you do towards more ad impressions goes towards the contest. You don't do one to the exclusion of the other.

Another issue that comes up about the contest is the idea of "entering" the contest. There is no real "entering" the contest. If you write content on InfoBarrel, you are in the contest. You may not be taking an active roll to try and beat out someone else, but every piece of content you write and upload to InfoBarrel will earn you contest points.

All your article points are tallied up based on the point scale above. There is nothing additional you have to do to be a part of the monthly contest. You don't even need to email the admins to declare your entry.

To win the contest you need to have the most points by the end of the month. Currently the winner gets a $100 gift card to Amazon.com. Second place gets $50 and third gets $25.

Keep the contest and the ad impression percentages separate in your mind until you understand how they work. Since all the articles you write get points towards the contest and towards additional ad impressions it is convenient to talk about the two at one time. But it is also confusing.

Some may not want to participate in the contest but want the extra ad impressions. That is perfectly fine. Just create content and you will be on your way to more earnings.