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      Have you ever heard the saying, "Where there is a spark a flame will follow?"  If you have, do you know what it means?  Well if you haven't come on over to Info Barrel and you will have a clear understanding of it. Info Barrel is changing my life, one article at a time.   My tenure here has been less than two weeks and with the help of this incredible group of people I made my first $.01 today.  I know many will not understand the significance of this penny.  But for those on Info Barrel that can remember their first time, they know what that first penny stands for.  For me it means “Keep Going.”  

     When I initially came to this site, I had never done any real writing online.  I published my first article and got excited about being able to share ideas with others.  My goal was to share with others the things that I've learned in my life.  I worked my way around this site and read as much as I could about how to come up with article ideas, back links and keyword research.  The amount of information was almost overwhelming because each writer went to great efforts to make sure that the articles were easy to understand.  Although, I was enthusiastic about the possibility of making passive income I still didn't believe it possible.

    After I published my first article, I eagerly awaited approval from the staff.  After my approval, I continued to write more articles.  Any questions I had were quickly answered in the forums by other Info Barrel writers.  Everybody here was playing a part in helping me to be successful.  There was ASKFORMORE who provided me with my very first comment.  Then, DREAMMAKER and many others that gave me advice on providing back links to my articles.  VICDILLINGER, who told me that my avatar was “killer” and the numerous others that welcomed me here and told me I would love it.  Most importantly, everyone continued to support me by reading my articles and letting me know that I was well on my way.

      I would like to extend an offer to anyone looking for a great place to write and wonderful people to write with.  Come to Info Barrel, the article writing site where people care.   I would love to have you as a referral.  Just sign up today and start writing.  I know to many people, a penny is nothing but the power behind the penny for me is priceless.  Consider the spark officially a burning flame.  Thanks Info Barrel.