What is Fasting?

Fasting is exactly what you comes to mind…not eating for an extended period of time. Every night you while you sleep, you are “fasting”. Think about why it’s called break-fast. You are literally breaking your fast from your last meal.

So before you think this isn’t for you just remember that you do this every day of your life.

Now, you may be asking “How can this help me with my weight loss goals?”

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Start by picking a day of the week, weekdays are probably the easiest for most because work occupies the majority of the day. Let’s say you chose Monday. Now sit down and eat dinner with your family or friends Sunday night, get up and go to work like you would do any other day.

Now the fun part, don’t reach for those doughnuts lying around the office, don’t worry about what you should eat for lunch. Just work, keep yourself busy, and look forward to best tasting dinner you have ever had. I would recommend drinking lots of water as it will help you to feel full and it’s water…you should be drinking it.

 That being said, if you are like me and coffee is part of your daily routine; feel free to drink some but keep it to black coffee or teas. You especially don’t want that rush of sugar from your favorite caramel macchiato.

This may seem very easy and straight forward but as a person who always got moody when not eating after 4 or 5 hours, it is very simple in practice but difficult in execution.

 You will start to get some serious hunger pangs on that first day. Somewhere around lunch when your co-workers are munching down and those aromas begin filling the room you will want to snack but don’t do it. It’s only one day. You won’t shrivel up and die. You can make it dinner.

 Now, go home and eat your dinner and think about what you just accomplished. You went 24 hrs without any food. You are still standing. You just ate a meal that I can assure you was tastier than it would have been on any other day.


How Does This Help With Weight Loss?

I’m sure you know the saying, “calories in vs calories out.” Now what most people fail to realize and what makes dieting so hard, is that doing this on a daily level takes much more preparation and dedication. In today’s fast paced out and about world that can be almost impossible for most people.

 Let’s do some quick math!

With fasting you take the calculations out of everything. Just for an easy example let’s say you eat 2000 calories per day (just your normal meals and snacks).

7 days per week: 2000 X 7 = 14,000 base weekly caloric intake

Now let us just take 1 day a week for fasting.

6 days of eating: 2000 X 6 = 12,000 caloric intake with fasting

 Now I get this is oversimplified, but just look at those numbers. You have done absolutely nothing different in your eating habits. You simply take one day off. You ingest 2000 less calories 4 times per month. You have just lost roughly 2 lbs in one month while not eating anything different.

I will be diving into the additional benefits of fasting in an article coming soon.

Go out and experiment with fasting. I know I, along with many others have seen tremendous weight-loss. And as always talk with your doctor before any drastic diet and exercise programs begin.