Hangers are one of those simple items that we all have tons of but never really think about until we start running out of space. Joy Manango hangers or Joy Manango 'Huggable' hangers are a new item that came out on the as-sold-on-tv circuit a few years back. Many items that are sold on TV are good and many items are not very good but every now and then an item is exceptional and many people feel these hangers are as good as it gets for closet organization, space saving design, and strength in hanger 'technology'.

Joy Mangano Huggable HangersJoy Mangano huggable hangers are designed to be both space saving and sturdy without sacrificing the shape of your clothes for sturdiness. These hangers are designed with a more defined contour than regular hangers and with a slimmer design than most sturdy hangers. Typical sturdy wooden hangers are usually much thicker than the these hangers and the sturdy plastic hangers which are often purchased en masse are usually thicker and take up more space in your closet diminishing the quantity of clothing your can store.

Similarly Joy Mangano huggable hangers work so much better than the cheapest of all types, the dreaded wire hanger which is thin by design but does very little for clothing support and not only doesn't help clothes hold their shape but can even damage delicate fabrics or heavy garments. There are probably very few people that have never encountered the wire hanger stretch marks on the shoulders of garments. Joy Mangano hanger sets are designed to make sure this doesn't happen.

Another feature of Huggable hangers by Joy Mangano is that these high end hangers do not only come in a one size fits all package. You can buy suit hangers, shirt hangers, pant hangers, or even dress hangers and each comes in a style desined to both save closet space and to hold the shape of your clothes securely so that you don't have to worry about storage life of garments stored on hangers for months on end.

As one would expect Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers are a little more pricy then standard plastic clothes hangers but they really are not any more expensive from high end wooden clothes hangers sold at home furnishing stores and in large warehouse discount stores. These hangers may be more difficult to find in stores however so if you want to give them a try you will likely find them online at any one of your typical online mega retailers like Amazon, eBay, or even online department stores such as HSN or Target.

These hangers will be cheaper when purchased in bulk which can also make shopping for them online much easier and affordable. If you want to try out a set of Joy Mangano Hangers you should make your purchase from a reputable source with a good return policy just in case they are not what you were expecting. From reviews however it doesn't look like very many people are dissatisfied with the product however so do your price comparisons a shot and don't look back.