I debated for a long time (years) on whether or not it was worth my time and money to buy a Kindle from Amazon. I had all the normal doubts. I like to highlight books. Will I really use it? I hate reading on a computer...will the Kindle be all that different? Then one day it happened...I decided to pull the trigger and let me tell you how it changed my life.

I, like millions of others out there, commute to work. My particular journey starts in bus and ends in the subway. While I used to sleep in the bus in the subway I just had to stand there or listen to music or audio books which made the trip seem eternal. When I bought my Kindle all that changed. I never thought that my commute would turn into one of the best parts of my day. I devoured three books in my first week and I looked forward to the coming and going from work. If you don’t know how reading 3 books a week can help your career just trust me…it can and will, but the way Kindle really changed my life was access to reading blogs. I now have access to information that helps me be better in every aspect of my life and it comes in bite sized tidbits of information. I have developed a routine I use. In the mornings I prepare for my day reading books or blogs regarding my profession which is in the customer experience consulting industry. In the afternoon I read books and blogs about becoming a better person, about hobbies or any other pleasure reading I decide to read. This schedule ensures that I show up to work on a focused information high which I am sure has increased my income by at least 10% by providing new ideas and outlooks to clients’ problems and when I get home I have a different view on life and the time I get to spend with my family.

I know all this may seem stupid or even obvious. Everyone knows that reading helps you in many ways. I knew it. I preached it. But it wasn’t until I bought my Kindle that I really experienced it to the fullest.

If you are out there trying to decide whether or not to buy one…don’t wait another day! I just wonder where I would be today if I hadn’t wasted years trying to take that decision.