The majority of people find that the difference is like night and day after having laser eye treatment. You simply cannot believe that there is anything in your eye.

For people who have been wearing glasses or contacts before, they would have wondered why they did not opt for this procedure before. Many people decide to choose this treatment because glasses and contact lenses can be a huge inconvenience.

These days, glasses are not cheap. They either get lost, broken or jammed. Contact lenses are not any better. Most people find that they can't be bothered changing their lenses everyday and this results in them simply sleeping with them inside their eyes. One can hardly imagine that this is any good on the eyes.

The laser eye treatment is a successful operation. It is a case of going to a specialized person who has experience in this and the whole procedure does not take long at all. You may feel a little wobbly as you walk out of the operating room, but other than this, you will find that the recovery time is short lived.

laser eye treatment

It is definitely worth the effort looking around for someone who has been in the business for some time. Get a referral from your doctor. More and more people are going for this treatment, so you will be sure to find one of your friends or colleagues who will be able to give you some advice as well.

Many people are worried about the time that this treatment lasts. Glasses may seem like the more affordable option, but they need to be replaced a lot more often. If someone has this treatment performed at the age of 18, they are only recommended to have their eyes checked 20 years later.


Once you have this treatment done, you will start to notice the benefits immediately. Most celebrities and professional sports stars opt for the procedure because it is so convenient. However, that does not mean you have to be in that league.  You may have seen a rugby player who has taken a break to adjust a contact lens. This definitely won't happen with laser treatment. There is no need to take your glasses off when you want to go for a swim and this time you will be able to see the wall at the other end without any sort of blurred vision. You also won't have to worry about losing your contacts in the pool.

Once you have decided to go through with the treatment, make sure you have a consultation with the specialist who is going to perform the treatment for you. It is important to ask any questions at this point. Ask about your insurance as well because all policies are different. It is also a good idea to check with your own medical aid or health care and find out what this covers.

Laser eye surgery : My Experience

I realized I had poor vision one day when I kept on copying my friend's work in class simply because I couldn't see the whiteboard. I told my parents about this and I was whipped off to the optomotrist. I got a stylish pair of glasses. However, I was not a terribly organized kid. My glasses got stuffed into my blazer pocket (we wore uniforms), which was thrown around. I often lost them.

Next I moved onto contacts, which was even worse, and ended up sleeping with my lenses because I couldn't handle getting up so early to change them. The solution made my eyes red and I was not following doc's orders.

contact lenses

So when I turned 18, the medical aid decided my eyes were bad enough to move onto laser eye surgery. The procedure lasted a couple of minutes. I came out a little shaky, but nothing too severe. A couple of hours later I could see green grass - every blade - awesome! The surgeon said when I am 40 I should come back for a check up again - well I'm not quite there yet and my eyes still seem to be good.