Steps on How to Make a Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

Boiled Eggs
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If you fancy eating eggs for breakfast every day, the easiest way to cook it is to simply just boil it. Boiling may be the simplest way to cook this versatile ingredient, but it is often hard for everyone to  master the hard-boiled option. The question is how long do you boil an egg to get a flawless yolk, and easily crack the shell without the white attaching to it? Follow these simple steps:

1. Start by choosing your the right egg You don’t want to boil any with visible cracks since you don’t want the white seeping out. You also want to make sure they are a minimum of 3 days old. Freshly hatched are harder to peel since their membranes are thinner.


Eggs Water
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Tip: To check the freshness , simply just place them in a small bowl with water. If it falls on its side, it’s still fresh from hatching. If it stands on one of its end, it is ready to be cooked. If it floats, then you have to throw it away.

2 Place the eggs into a medium-sized saucepan in one layer, and cover them with at least one to two inches of cold water. Don’t use warm water as you want the eggs and water to warm at the same time. This will also avoid the shells from cracking.

3. Cook the them on high heat, and wait for them to boil. Reduce the heat to low once it reaches a rapid boiling point. Let it simmer for one minute while on low heat, then remove the pan from heat.

4. Cover the pan tightly, and let them  cook by the heat from the water. A medium-sized egg needs 12 minutes to cook, large size need 17 minutes, and jumbo size needs 19 minutes.

5. Take the lid off, and drain the water out of the pan. Place cold water once more into the pan to remove the remaining heat, and drain again after a couple of minutes. Repeat the process until the drained water is now cold.

Tip: To test if they are hard-boiled, spin the egg on a hard, flat surface. If it spun steadily in one place and did not fly off in another direction, then it’s hard-boiled. Otherwise, the egg will be unsteady when spun if they are still soft-boiled.

Egg Faces
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