How long will it take for you to get ripped six pack abs? Looking at yourself in the mirror each morning you might wonder aloud how long it will take for you to see your desired results from all of the hard work you have been putting in at the gym. Sometimes we do get too impatient and want immediate results for something that takes time and patience to develop. How long it takes for you to build great six pack abs depends on a variety of factors including your current body fat levels, your workout routine, and what your diet consists of. In any of these factors are not in line than you can kiss your hopes of having a ripped midsection goodbye. Now how long will it take to achieve your goals? Well, that’s tough to answer and if you are hoping to achieve fitness model abs in just a few weeks then you are barking up the wrong tree. It will take months and if you are severely overweight possibly a year or two for you to have six pack abs. Fear not though because with the right attitude, ethic, and dedication you can and will see results and here are a few tips to help you get there.


1. Lift Weights


Lifting weights is a necessity to get the ripped look. Weight lifting builds muscle which not only helps your body to look more defined but also burns more calories throughout the day. Two or three lifting sessions per week is a great place to start and once you have advanced you can bump it up to four or five (remember to implement rest days). Also, train your abs using both weighted and un-weighted exercises so that when the belly fat comes off you will look defined and not just skinny.


2. Do More Cardio


Not only should you introduce more cardio over time up to about 4-6 times per week but you should try to mix it up. I like to have days where the cardio I do is sprints followed by walking. Then the next day I might do a long session on the exercise bike or ramp up the incline on the treadmill and walk for close to an hour. I like variety not only because it keeps me from getting bored but it also keeps my body guessing and forces it to adapt.


3. Eat 5-6 Times Per Day


Number three is your favorite headline so far isn’t it? When I say to eat more often this isn’t a free pass to eat a bunch of junk all the time. Smaller and more frequent meals keep your metabolism high which allows you to burn through fat like a torch. These meals should be high in protein with a mix of good carbs and fats. Good sources of lean protein include chicken, fish, whey protein supplements, and other poultry. Carbs such as oats and brown rice are necessary first thing in the morning and after your workout. Fats should come from the protein sources as well as nuts which are also a great source of protein.


4. Drink Water


Water has zero calories and hydrates your body. Water helps to oxidize fat, keep your skin looking healthy, and transports excess waste from your system. Give up your soda and alcohol because they are empty calories which will prevent you from getting the cut six pack you want.


It takes time and planning to get ripped abs and these tips are a good starting point for anyone looking to take the journey. Getting in fantastic shape won’t happen overnight just like getting fat didn’t happen overnight so give yourself time and don’t pressure yourself to look like a fitness model at the beach if you only have a month to prepare. Work hard, eat right, and be smart and the results will show.