How long does it take for pink eye symptoms to appear? Conjunctivitis is infection of the eye which appears immediately. To put the long story short pink eye symptoms appear immediately as when you have it, you have it. This disorder is contagious and if exposed to someone with the disorder than you can expect to see the first signs in four to seven days. It is at this point that the indicators become visible.


If you experience the pink eye symptoms medical help requires immediate attention. An untreated illness can continue to attack the surface of the eye. Long term the damage can become dangerous. Most forms of pink eye treatment begins with using medications designed to fight the viral nature of the disorder. Occasionally the problem will be bacterial in which different medicines receive consideration. The visible symptoms should go away quickly once the treatment has begun. One must still use caution with one’s pillow as the disorder is self-contagious. The pillow requires nightly washing and careful handling.

Other Symptoms

As the symptoms of pink eye may seem to appear quickly and it is important to watch for other indicators. Blistering around the eyes indicates a potential form of herpes that can damage the eye. If blistering is visible seek medical attention quickly as damage to the eye may become permanent. If this is the case than an extra strong medication needs immediate application. There is also a chlamydia based version of this disorder. Much like the herpetic form this type needs immediate care.


While the onset of pink eye symptoms may take more than a week getting rid of it is often slower. Typical times are within a two-week span as the medicine takes it course. Sometimes the treatment must occur in stages as the disorder is quite resistant. Fortunately modern medicine provides plenty of high-powered drugs that are capable of destroying the virus even if it does take a little time.