Aha Moment
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We have all had those moments of brilliant insight. The moment where we feel that we have finally found that one idea that is going to make us rich or make our lives more meaningful. This one idea is going to fill in all the gaps and everything will finally make sense. Now that we have this great idea, things will start falling into place and everything will be smooth sailing from here, right?

I have had many of these so-called 'aha moments'. I thought to myself that this is it. This is the perfect idea to help me to live the life I want. But none of these ideas have been what I originally thought they were. The more I thought about them, the less brilliant they seemed. Why did this keep happening?

The Problem:

The first thing I had to understand it that the ideas are not the problem. The real problem was that I was thinking too much. I over analyzed and thought too much about all the things that I didn't yet have the answers to. I have this idea, but how do I start? How can I get in touch with the right people? How can I get the funding I need? And the worse thought of all...What will happen if this fails?

The last question is very crucial and is the one that is most damaging to us. Isn't is a bit crazy that we are thinking of failing even before starting to work on that idea? Just because you have an idea, doesn't mean it will create itself into a reality. Just as a brilliant singer will never know his or her ability until they he or she starts to sing, how will you know where your idea will lead without even starting to work on it? So basically, I used to get all these ideas and when I started thinking too much, I found some gaps so I just buried these moments because I felt that they weren't the perfect.

The Real Aha Moment:

None of these ideas are perfect. All these aha moments do is to give us an insight and inspire something in us to get up and take action. An author becomes an author  by taking time to write, write more, edit and re-write. The real insight here is that you can not turn your idea into a reality without doing the work and no one can do this work for you.

I have found that worry is just imagination being used in a negative way. When you start putting some action behind your ideas, things you thought would work, may not. And the things you thought would never work just might. The point is that you can not know these things until you try. Do not try to predict a success or failure before taking action.

The problem is not the idea. The problem is me and you. Stop giving up and burying your ideas under a pile a fear and scrutiny. Starting taking action and working on them because some of them are too precious to not to. I always wonder, instead of burying them, what if we all pursued our dreams and aspirations with the same intensity and hope we had when we were kids?


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