How Many Articles Does It Take To Make Money

How Many Articles Are Enough For Infobarrel

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Since I came to infobarrel, the question that I see asked many times is, "How many articles does it take to make money from infobarrel?" Great question. I started out writing articles for infobarrel after hearing what a wonderful opportunity it was to make passive income. The article that sent me to infobarrel to begin with had spoken of writing 150 articles to make $300 a month in passive income.

Well that sounded great. I thought to myself, "If this person could do it, so could I." How hard could it be to write 150 articles? Even if it took me a few months to do it, all the work would certainly be worth it.

I did some further research on infobarrel and I came across Writing For Money which is an article by the admin on the site talking about how much money you could make using infobarrel. The article makes the claim that you could make $2 per article and writing 2 articles a day for a year could yield you $1460.00 a year. 

It sounded even better because that was exactly the math of the articles' claims that sent me to infobarrel in the first place. After all the research and looking around for a bit, I decided to give it a shot.


As I started writing for infobarrel I realized a few things. The first thing I realized that there were some gaps in the articles I had read. All of them spoke of making $2 an article and so forth. None of them spoke of time. The time is takes for an article to be catalogued by Google and then the time it takes to rise to the front page of Google, etc.

Time is an important aspect when looking at making money with infobarrel. I think that most people realize money wont come flowing in over night, but it is hard to find someone who will say, "Start here and after this amount of time, xyz will happen." This is logical because there are so many things that can happen.

If I was to write 50 articles in a month, and when those are done, I should start seeing a few clicks here and there the next month. You may think it sounds easy enough and begin to write. After 5 days, you have written 10 articles and feel confident that you are far along the track to getting to 50 articles. Unforseen circumstances arise and you find yourself not writing another article until the last week of the month.

You finally get all the articles done, but not until the last 3 days. In that time, you wrote 30 articles. You feel confident that getting the articles done in the alloted time will gain you the financial rewards in the coming month.

The days go by and nothing happens. No clicks. You expected to get $100 dollars for all your hard work, but you got nothing. You begin to question infobarrel and the claims that it makes. "It doesn't work", you shout out. You were told that you should be getting something, at least one click for goodness sakes. No clicks come and you are distraught.

Slow down there inforbarrel killer. Looking at the time frame in which you wrote the articles, it would be unfair to say that after 3 days of writing 30 articles that you should be making money. Probably 2/3's of those articles haven't even been catalogued by Google yet.

The reason I bring this point up is that you have to consider time in your equation when making any sort of financial projections. Especially now after the release of Panda by Google, an algorithm shake up. Many sites have taken a hit in traffic including this one so make sure you take this into consideration.

As a rule of thumb, when you write an article on infobarrel, and you have properly done the back linking, you should count the time from that moment which you published it, not the beginning of the period in which you created your grand plan. Don't sell yourself short by not keeping accurate time records. If you want to give an article a month to judge its effectiveness, then make sure it is given a month from when it is submitted and all the back linking you want to do is done.

How Many Articles Does It Take To Make Money

 When I originally did my research, I searched the forums for answers on the amount of articles I should go for to make the amount of money I desired.

In the process, I came across a few different numbers. These numbers are considered bench marks and surprisingly you can pretty much set your watch by them.

The reason for this is the amount of infobarrel writers that confirm these numbers and results. These are people who have been on this site writing for years and have the facts to back it up. They know what they are doing and more importantly, know what not to do.

One of my favorite infobarrelers is mommymommymommy. I enjoy her constant information and the way she gives back to the infobarrel community. Check her out and send her a friend request. She wrote a nice article recently for new comers to infobarrel called Info Barrel Newbies Ten Helpful Tips to Get You Started. It's a good article to read.

When reading these different writers comments and works, I began to see patterns. Each one had different things to say, but they all pretty much fell with in the same guidelines.

Here is a brief list of numbers for all you hard numbers people out there:

  • 50 articles - 50 articles seems to be the milestone to you want to reach. Out of all the information I have found, 50 articles gets you off to a good start. Many infobarrelers claim that 50 articles is the number that you must get to in order to see your first bit of income. In my experience, and from what I have seen, this is pretty accurate.
  • 150 articles - This seems to be the big one. Most writers say that you should not even bother looking at your Adsense until you get to 150 articles. It sounds like a lot, and it is. But if you put it into perspective. A blog may take a year or two before it even generates a penny and if you tabulate all the articles that are written with in those two years, 150 articles seems pretty small.
  • 300 articles - Now we are getting somewhere. After you have hit this point, you are doubling down and pushing the limit to see how far infobarrel can take you. I have read about people who have made the $600 a month as the admin had claimed and others making a few hundred a month. Of coarse, month to month will vary, but clearly when you are at 300 articles, you have stuck around long enough to see those numbers grow.

All the research I did led me to these three points. There are of course gaps here. You would think that after 50 articles, there would be 100. But that is not the way it goes. Remember, time is an important factor to consider. The longer your articles sit there collecting back links, moving up the ranks, the more traffic they will get. And more traffic equals more clicks. So don't forget time when looking at money.

Add It Up

Hopefully, this has helped put some numbers in your head. I like to call them benchmarks but you can call them what ever you want. I will mention one more thing but not go into detail about it. I will give you a link for that. Learning how and where to get back links for your articles moves your income generating capabilities up the ladder 10 times faster.

The more bookmarking and linking back to your site you do, the better you will rank in Google and in turn, get more traffic. If you are interested in learning about a place to start, check out Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites To Increase Your Infobarrel Earnings. This will help you learn where to go to bookmark and give your sites url to other sites that create back links for you.

If you have and comments and/or questions, leave them below in the comment section. Also, you can always sign up for infobarrel here if you have not already done so.

Thanks and good writing.