If you have seen the Avatar movie, it is awesome with vibrant colors blended in with fantasy and everything of nature intertwining together. This Halloween you could create a number of ideas for Avatar costumes to go as a date with Jake and Neytiri or even be Sigourney Weaver's scientist. Throw an Avatar party where everyone plays a certain role from the movie and put it all together with food, drinks, music from the movie, and even lighting to reflect parts of the movie. Check out some of these ideas for more Halloween fun!

First off you have to have the beautiful Neytiri. Buy a long black wig with braids or dye your hair black. Braid your hair and add red or blue beads throughout your hair. Buy facial sparkles and makeup in blues. Make sure the blues match as close as possible to the costume you are making. Take the light blue makeup and cover your face. Then, you are going to make an outline of stripes that match your costume.

aavatar costumesavHow you are going to do this is by making a pattern, start with your forehead and space about two inches apart and use dark blue makeup and make each stripe half an inch to an inch. Then use facial glitter and dust a little in between the top of your eyes down to the top of your nose and under each eye on the inside corner to the top of each cheek.

Now place the makeup on your hands, fingers, toes, and feet to blend it to your costume. Use blue nail polish to paint your nails. Add high heel blue sandals or buy shoe dye to match the costume. Or use blue flats if you do not prefer heels.

How to make your costume. Simply find a skin tight blue cat or body suit that is long sleeved. You can find a brown silk scarf to tie around your waist and have it hanging down the middle of your waist. So, you need to make sure it is wide enough. You can make a tail to pin to the back of the costume and gently paint stripes on it. You will need dark blue stripes for your costume. So, you can cut stripes of material and hand sew them to the suit, hot glue them, or gently pin them.

Another Avatar costumes idea is Neytiri's guy, Jake Sully. You can dye your hair black or by a black wig and make one long braid and one tiny one for the front of your face. Then use one shade only of blue makeup and apply to your face and take a darker shade and make a few stripes across your neck and cheeks. The take a white makeup pencil and make very tiny dots starting at the top above the eyes and make a tiny pattern down to your nose and a few under your eyes.

For your clothes, just use a pair of light brown pants, a black t shirt, and a darker brown open jacket with brown boots to match. Make a blue striped tail and pin it to the back of the pants and find a long spear and decorate it.

Avatar costumes are so cool to make. There are so many ways you can make the stripes and beading. Just be fun!