Building backlinks for search engine optimization

SEO in a post-Panda world

How many backlinks do I need to make in order to rank high in search engine results? In page one of Google? These are just some of the frequently-asked questions by search engine optimizers. Some ask this question to the point of pleading and desperation for someone to give the answers in online forums.

In a Google search engine world ravaged by the Panda SE algorithm updates, backlinks (spam links that is) have become ineffective in ranking web pages. The truth is that Google has become more adept in detecting backlinks made from crappy and low-quality sites. So to answer the questions – 0, zero, do not make any backlink.

There are many websites, some of them more than 5 years old, 7 years old, and even 10-year old sites which suffered the effects of the Panda updates. These websites contain original and highly-informative contents, yet they still suffered from the recent algorithmic changes made by Google on their search engine. This is because these sites still employed the services of SEO companies which blasted hundreds or even thousands of backlinks in a span of a day or a month.

Let’s face it, backlinks, those that are spam and made unnaturally are now worthless, ineffective. When I say spam I mean those that you make using backlinking services such as Build My Rank, Unique Article Wizard, and Linkvana. If you just look around in online forums, search engine optimizers are at a loss on what is happening because some of their websites suffered a sudden decline in web traffic in a span of 2 to three days, some in a week’s time.

Yes, you’ll get to love Google and hate it at the same time. You’ll love it, supposedly, because the recent Panda updates aim to provide online users with the most valuable content and information. This is not necessarily true because some crappy websites are now sitting in page one of Google after the algorithmic updates. You will hate Google, at the same time, because it would be harder for you to rank your web pages in search engine results for certain keywords. You will never know what to do. SE optimizers are become slaves to the whims and caprices of Google.

So, the best way to do is never to make any backlink to your online contents. Don’t waste time anymore building backlinks. Just write informative and high-quality content and let the others syndicate your content. This will look natural in Google’s eyes. Syndicated or not, readers will return to your website or peruse the contents that it has if they find it helpful and informative.

Whether your online content gets one or two, or thousands of backlinks in a day or two would be irrelevant in the coming years. Maybe, the factor of the number of backlinks would be taken out in Google’s search engine algorithm in the years to come. Yet, the freshness, originality, and informative factors of web page contents will always be incorporated in a search engine’s algorithm, not just in Google’s but in Yahoo and Bing also.

If someone asks you how many backlinks to make in one day or so, blah and blah, you’ll know what to say to them - spam backlinking is dead.