While many trying to lose weight may crave a slice of pizza or worse, the combination of high fat cheese, carbohydrate loaded bread not to mention the any additional toppings can make this food a dieting disaster.

How Many Calories in a Pizza Hut Margarita and Other Pizzas?

Pizza Hut’s lowest calorie pizza is the Veggie Supreme which clocks in at 145 calories per slice with six slices in a regular pizza 870 calories. The classic margarita comes in slightly higher at 178 calories per slice deep pan or 170 per slice on a thin base giving totals of 1,068 and 1,020 for the entire pizza respectively. The pizza weighing in with the highest calorie value is a BBQ meat feast on a large base with either a stuffed crust or cheesy bites. Here a slice will set you back 359 calories or 2,872 calories for the entire pizza which in this case is an eight slice version.

How Many Calories in a Pizza Express Margarita and Other Pizzas?

From a calorie counting perspective, Pizza Express offers a range of six pizzas each with a total calorie content of 500 calories each. Excluding this special range, the pizza with the lowest calorie count goes to the classic four season’s with a total value of 669 calories. A margarita comes in at 674 calories in the classic size while the worst offender is the Calabrese on a Romana base at 1,148 for the entire pie.

Like for like comparison is somewhat difficult however, assuming that a regular Margarita pizza at Pizza hut is shared between two people (recommended), this makes the thin based option slightly less calorie laden than the Pizza Express version to the tune of 164 calories. However, Pizza Express’s Leggera range at 500 calories for the entire pizza do make a better option for the dieter than anything on offer at Pizza Hut.

Either option however represents a significant proportion of the daily calorie intake with even a single slice of the lowest calorie pizza accounting for 7.25% of the RDI based upon a 2,000 calorie a day diet. Have a whole half of a margarita and this bumps up to 34% of one’s RDI.

As such, if looking to combine dieting and weight loss without giving up the occasional slice of pizza, going small or sharing with friends can be a great way to reduce the calories in a single sitting.