Checking the foods that you eat

The relationship of calories and your weight

How many calories should I eat to lose weight? This is a question mostly asked by many individuals who are trying to lose their body's extra weight. One popular method of estimating the amount of weight that you will actually lose in a specific period of time is to count the calories that you can actually burn within a single day. Knowing this magic number allows us to limit the number of calories that we should eat in a day to reach our goal of losing weight.

To avoid the hassle of counting manually the calories we burn during exercise or any activity, we could use some help from a calorie calculator. This simple gadget allows us to conveniently dispense with manual counting and do some calorie calculations in a few seconds.

However, even without using a calorie calculator, we can still arrive at a number just by using simple math. Let's just be reminded always that there is an equivalent of 3,500 calories for every pound of weight. Using this base number, we can easily calculate how much weight we will lose in a week. This would mean that we will lose one pound each week if we try to reduce our intake by 500 calories each day. For health reasons, it is recommended to lose up to 2 pounds each week only to let our body adjust to the reduction in the intake of calories.

Reducing our calorie intake by 500 calories each day can be achieved by using different methods. You can kick 500 calories every day simply by controlling your diet, choosing to eat healthy foods only, or a combination of diet and exercise. Keeping a record of your weight loss performance is a good initiative to keep you motivated every day to continue what you are doing. A simple notebook or a diary is only what is needed to write down your weight loss records, and will let you keep track and tabs on how much time you need to do your thing to reach your desired weight, especially your record on how many calories you should eat to lose weight.

After a week or two, if you are already noticing results from your weight loss plan, try to set a higher goal, say reducing your intake by 750 calories each day. In this way, your competitive spirit will motivate you to carry on with your plans to lose weight. Your notebook should also contain the recommended food that you should eat (foods which are low in calorie-content, of course), things needed to be done, exercise schedules, and basic things which will guide you toward your ultimate goal of losing weight.

How many calories should I eat to lose weight? You may ask. Actually, it depends on you, how you control your eating habits, what kinds of food you will eat, and how much effort you are willing to put in your weight loss plan.