Do you love to kick back with wine? How many calories are in a glass of wine?

Many people will restrict their food intake and exercise to exhaustion, but will forget about the calories that they are drinking.  Simply because it is a liquid, it can be forgotten.  You may remember that you have to count that can of soda as you know it is full of sugar, but what harm can a simple glass of wine cause to your weight loss strategy?

On average – one glass (3.5 ounces) will cost you 75 calories.

If you have a simple glass with dinner, this is not likely going to create too much of a problem, also keeping in mind that some are a bit higher or less than 75 calories, but unless you know for sure, you can use this number as a guide.

If you actually measure out 3.5 ounces, you may be surprised when you see just how much that is. (4 ounces would be a half cup)  What you thought was a innocent nice wine, could quite easily be twice that amount if you are using the latest in wine glasses on the market now that tend to look like small fish bowls!

If you poured 3.5 ounces into one of those small “fish bowls” they call wine glasses, it will look like a drop in the bottom.  You will instantly feel ripped off, and will likely add more.  So, if over the course of a dinner out or an evening out with friends, you  many consume 3 times the typical wine glass and easily consume 225 calories, and that is before food!How many calories in a glass of wine

On top of that, chances are there will be nibbles!  There will be chips, cheese, crackers and then on to dinner and the rest of the evening.

So, if you have been really good all week, but just can’t seem to get down those last few pounds, and you can count the glasses you have had during the week, then consider cutting back a bit, or mixing it will sparkling water to make a spritzer style drink.  This will give you the volume with the effects and the extra calories.

If you know you are going to be seeing friends for wine and cheese on Friday night, then skip the wine the rest of the week.  You can actually get great tasting Wine replacements at the grocery store that have 30 calories or less in them, and some are almost zero, simply because they don’t have alcohol in them, but they taste quite nice.

If you are serious about getting rid of some weight, but you like your wine, then get rid of those large fish bowl sized wine glasses, and get out a small one or find a glass you know will hold a typical size of 3.5 ounces of wine.  This way you can see how much you are actually drinking, compared to those larger glasses that just keep being filled up by your host.

So, now you know how many calories in a glass of wine, and now you can be pro-active.  If you love your wine every night with dinner, this could be the last few pounds you have been trying to get rid of. 

Save it for special nights, as 75 calories here and there can add up quick.  So, try and not drink your calories!

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