How to Track World Travel

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There are normal travelers and then there are obsessed world travelers. Some people collect world stamps, while others collect passport stamps. Some collect world coins by mail, while others collect world coins in person in each country they travel too.

Most people who love world travel eventually start counting up the places they have visited. A traveler can count countries, UN countries, territories, World Heritage Sites, or follow other established online lists.

For those travelers who want to find out how much of the world they have visited there are several online lists to measure against. Try each online list and see what online traveler's list you are most comfortable with, or go for all the places on all the online traveler's lists.

UN List of Countries

 The place to start on the quest to cover the world is to tick off all the UN Countries you have visited. The UN website is a good place to get the current UN Country list, but as of spring 2011 here are the UN countries with date they joined the United Nations

Flag of Afghanistan

 Afghanistan  19-11-1946

Flag of Albania

 Albania 14-12-1955

Flag of Algeria

 Algeria 08-10-1962

Flag of Andorra

 Andorra 28-07-1993

Flag of Angola

 Angola 01-12-1976

Flag of Antigua and Barbadus

 Antigua and Barbuda 11-11-1981

Flag of Argentina

 Argentina 24-10-1945

Flag of Armenia

 Armenia 02-03-1992

Flag of Australia

 Australia 01-11-1945

Flag of Austria

 Austria 14-12-1955

Flag of Azerbaijan

 Azerbaijan 02-03-1992

Flag of Bahamas

 Bahamas 18-09-1973

Flag of Bahrain

 Bahrain 21-09-1971

Flag of Bangladesh

 Bangladesh 17-09-1974

Flag of Barbados

 Barbados 09-12-1966

Flag of Belarus

 Belarus 24-10-1945

Flag of Belgium

 Belgium 27-12-1945

Flag of Belize

 Belize 25-09-1981

Flag of Benin

 Benin 20-09-1960

Flag of Bhutan

 Bhutan 21-09-1971

Flag of Bolivia

 Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 14-11-1945

Falg of Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Bosnia and Herzegovina 22-05-1992

Flag of Botswana

 Botswana 17-10-1966

Flag of Brazil

 Brazil 24-10-1945

Flag of Brunei Darussalam

 Brunei Darussalam 21-09-1984

Flag of Bulgaria

 Bulgaria 14-12-1955

Flag of Burkina Faso

 Burkina Faso 20-09-1960

Flag of Burundi

 Burundi 18-09-1962

Flag of Cambodia

 Cambodia 14-12-1955

Flag of Cameroon

 Cameroon 20-09-1960

Flag of Canada

 Canada 09-11-1945

Flag of Cape Verde

 Cape Verde 16-09-1975

Flag of Central African Republic

 Central African Republic 20-09-1960

Flag of Chad

 Chad 20-09-1960

Flag of Chile

 Chile 24-10-1945

Flag of China

 China 24-10-1945

Flag of Colombia

 Colombia 05-11-1945

Flag of Comors

 Comoros 12-11-1975

Flag of Congo

 Congo 20-09-1960

Flag of Costa Rica

 Costa Rica 02-11-1945

Flag of Côte D'Ivoire

 Côte D'Ivoire 20-09-1960

Flag of Croatia

 Croatia 22-05-1992

Flag of Cuba

 Cuba 24-10-1945

Flag of Cyprus

 Cyprus 20-09-1960

Flag of Czech Republic

 Czech Republic 19-01-1993

Flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

 Democratic People's Republic of Korea 17-09-1991

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

 Democratic Republic of the Congo 20-09-1960

Flag of Denmark

 Denmark 24-10-1945

Flag of Djibouti

 Djibouti 20-09-1977

Flag of Dominica

 Dominica 18-12-1978

Flag of Dominican Republic

 Dominican Republic 24-10-1945

Flag of Ecuador

 Ecuador 21-12-1945

Flag of Egypt

 Egypt 24-10-1945

Flag of El Salvadoor

 El Salvador 24-10-1945

Flag of Equatoral Guinea

 Equatorial Guinea 12-11-1968

Flag of Eritrea

 Eritrea 28-05-1993

Flag of Estonia

 Estonia 17-09-1991

Flag of Ethiopia

 Ethiopia 13-11-1945

Flag of Fiji

 Fiji 13-10-1970

Flag of Finland

 Finland 14-12-1955

Flag of France

 France 24-10-1945

Flag of Gabon

 Gabon 20-09-1960

Flag of Gambia

 Gambia 21-09-1965

Flag of Georgia

 Georgia 31-07-1992

Flag of Germany

 Germany 18-09-1973

Flag of Ghana

 Ghana 08-03-1957

Flag of Greece

 Greece 25-10-1945

Flag of Grenada

 Grenada 17-09-1974

Flag of Guatemala

 Guatemala 21-11-1945

Flag of Guinea

 Guinea 12-12-1958

Flag of Guinea Bissau

 Guinea Bissau 17-09-1974

Flag of Guyana

 Guyana 20-09-1966

Flag of Haiti

 Haiti 24-10-1945

Flag of Honduras

 Honduras 17-12-1945

Flag of Hungary

 Hungary 14-12-1955

Flag of Iceland

 Iceland 19-11-1946

Flag of India

 India  30-10-1945

Flag of Indonesia

 Indonesia 28-09-1950

Flag of Iran (Islamic Republic of)

 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 24-10-1945

Flag of Iraq

 Iraq 21-12-1945

Flag of Ireland

 Ireland 14-12-1955

Flag of Israel

 Israel  11-05-1949

Flag of Italy

 Italy  14-12-1955

Flag of Jamaica

 Jamaica 18-09-1962

Flag of Japan

 Japan 18-12-1956

Flag of Jordan

 Jordan 14-12-1955

Flag of Kazakhstan

 Kazakhstan 02-03-1992

Flag of Kenya

 Kenya 16-12-1963

Flag of Kiribati

 Kiribati 14-09-1999

Flag of Kuwait

 Kuwait 14-05-1963

Flag of Kyrgyzstan

 Kyrgyzstan 02-03-1992

Flag of Lao People’s Democratic Republic

 Lao People’s Democratic Republic 14-12-1955

Flag of Latvia

 Latvia 17-09-1991

Flag of Lebanon

 Lebanon 24-10-1945

Flag of Lesotho

 Lesotho 17-10-1966

Flag of Liberia

 Liberia 02-11-1945

Flag of Libya

 Libya 14-12-1955

Flag of Liechtenstein

 Liechtenstein 18-09-1990

Flag of Lithuania

 Lithuania 17-09-1991

Flag of Luxembourg

 Luxembourg 24-10-1945

Flag of Madagascar

 Madagascar 20-09-1960

Flag of Malawi

 Malawi 01-12-1964

Flag of Malaysia

 Malaysia 17-09-1957

Flag of Maldives

 Maldives 21-09-1965

Flag of Mali

 Mali 28-09-1960

Flag of Malta

 Malta 01-12-1964

Flag of Marshall Islands

 Marshall Islands 17-09-1991

Flag of Mauritania

 Mauritania 27-10-1961

Flag of Mauritius

 Mauritius 24-04-1968

Flag of Mexico

 Mexico 07-11-1945

Flag of Micronesia, Federated States of

 Micronesia (Federated States of) 17-09-1991

Flag of Monaco

 Monaco 28-05-1993

Flag of Mongolia

 Mongolia 27-10-1961

Flag of Montenegro

 Montenegro 28-06-2006

Flag of Morocco

 Morocco 12-11-1956

Flag of Mozambique

 Mozambique 16-09-1975

Flag of Myanmar

 Myanmar 19-04-1948

Flag of Namibia

 Namibia 23-04-1990

Flag of Nauru

 Nauru 14-09-1999

Flag of Nepal

 Nepal 14-12-1955

Flag of Nethrelands

 Netherlands 10-12-1945

Flag of New Zealand

 New Zealand 24-10-1945

Flag of Nicaragua

 Nicaragua 24-10-1945

Flag of Niger

 Niger 20-09-1960

Flag of Nigeria

 Nigeria  07-10-1960

Flag of Norway

 Norway  27-11-1945

Flag of Oman

 Oman 07-10-1971

Flag of Pakistan

 Pakistan 30-09-1947

Flag of Palau

 Palau 15-12-1994

Flag of Panama

 Panama 13-11-1945

Flag of Papua New Guinea

 Papua New Guinea 10-10-1975

Flag of Paraguay

 Paraguay 24-10-1945

Flag of Peru

 Peru 31-10-1945

Flag of Philippines

 Philippines 24-10-1945

Flag of Poland

 Poland 24-10-1945

Flag of Portugal

 Portugal 14-12-1955

Flag of Qatar

 Qatar 21-09-1971

Flag of Republic of Korea

 Republic of Korea 17-09-1991

Flag of Republic of Moldova

 Republic of Moldova 02-03-1992

Flag of Romania

 Romania 14-12-1955

Flag of Russian Federation

 Russian Federation 24-10-1945

Flag of Rwanda

 Rwanda 18-09-1962

Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Saint Kitts and Nevis 23-09-1983

Flag of Saint Lucia

 Saint Lucia 18-09-1979

Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16-09-1980

Flag of Samoa

 Samoa 15-12-1976

Flag of San Marino

 San Marino 02-03-1992

Flag of Sao Tome and Principe

 Sao Tome and Principe 16-09-1975

Flag of Saudi Arabia

 Saudi Arabia 24-10-1945

Flag of Senegal

 Senegal 28-09-1960

Flag of Serbia

 Serbia 01-11-2000

Flag of Seychelles

 Seychelles 21-09-1976

Flag of Sierra Leone

 Sierra Leone 27-09-1961

Flag of Singapore

 Singapore 21-09-1965

Flag of Slovakia

 Slovakia 19-01-1993

Flag of Slovenia

 Slovenia 22-05-1992

Flag of Soloman Islands

 Solomon Islands 19-09-1978

Flag of Somalia

 Somalia 20-09-1960

Flag of South Africa

 South Africa 07-11-1945

            Southern Sudan 07-14-2011

Flag of Spain

 Spain 14-12-1955

Flag of Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka 14-12-1955

Flag of Sudan

 Sudan 12-11-1956

Flag of Suriname

 Suriname 04-12-1975

Flag of Swaziland

 Swaziland 24-09-1968

Flag of Sweden

 Sweden 19-11-1946

Flag of Switzerland

 Switzerland 10-09-2002

Flag of Syrian Arab Republic

 Syrian Arab Republic 24-10-1945

Flag of Tajikstan

 Tajikistan 02-03-1992

Flag of Thailand

 Thailand 16-12-1946

Flag of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 08-04-1993

Flag of Timore Leste

 Timor-Leste 27-09-2002

Flag of Togo

 Togo 20-09-1960

Flag of Tonga

 Tonga 14-09-1999

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

 Trinidad and Tobago 18-09-1962

Flag of Tunisia

 Tunisia  12-11-1956

Flag of Turkey

 Turkey 24-10-1945

Flag of Turkmenistan

 Turkmenistan 02-03-1992

Flag of Tuvalu

 Tuvalu  05-09-2000

Flag of Uganda

 Uganda 25-10-1962

Flag of Ukraine

 Ukraine 24-10-1945

Flag of United Arab Emirates

 United Arab Emirates 09-12-1971

Flag of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 24-10-1945

Flag of the United Republic of Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania 14-12-1961

Flag of United States of America

United States of America 24-10-1945

Flag of Uruguay

Uruguay 18-12-1945

Flag of Uzbekistan

 Uzbekistan 02-03-1992

Flag of Vanuata

 Vanuatu 15-09-1981

Flag of Venezuela

 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 15-11-1945

Flag of Viet Nam

 Viet Nam  20-09-1977

Flag of Yemen

 Yemen 30-09-1947

Flag of Zambia

 Zambia  01-12-1964

Flag of Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwe 25-08-1980


The United Nations defines itself by a list of member states that, for the most part, recognize each other or at least have broad international recognition. There are about 192 "UN Countries" but the number changes with world events as countries split , combine, or gain independance and recognition.  

Countries become recognized as countries when other sovereign countries recognize the existence of a government with defined borders and control of their territory. Prior to being recognized countries, areas are typically part of some other country, a colony, dependent, territory, or perhaps separate countries that amalgamate to form a new country.

Non-UN Countries

The UN list is not complete however.  A short list of countries are not on UN members but exercise exclusive control over territory and are widely regarded as countries:

Vactican City

Republic of China (Taiwan)


UN List of Non-Self Governing Territories

Now at 16 locations, the UN List of Non-Self Governing Territories is a much reduced list of colonized locations.  Most of the countries in Africa were formerly on the list, as well as many other places that moved to the UN Country List as they achieved independence. It seems unlikely that the Non-Self Governing list will result in many more countries since the remaining locations are all very small and most are very happy to be tied to a larger country.  

Western Sahara is disputed, with most of the usable areas of the territory occupied by Morroco. 

 Area ( 1
Western Sahara
266,000 3
Anguilla United Kingdom 96 14,766
Bermuda United Kingdom 53 68,265
British Virgin Islands United Kingdom 153 24,939
Cayman Islands United Kingdom 260 50,209
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)4 United Kingdom 11,961 3,140
Montserrat United Kingdom 98 5,118
St. Helena United Kingdom 122 7,670
Turks and Caicos Islands United Kingdom 430 23,528
United States Virgin Islands United States 340 109,750
Gibraltar United Kingdom 6 28,877
American Samoa United States 197 66,432
Guam United States 549 180,865
New Caledonia5 France 35,853 252,352
Pitcairn United Kingdom 5 48
Tokelau New Zealand 10 1,400


Overseas Departments and Similar Areas

France mantained parts of its colonial empire by incorporating the territories into the country.  It is a little hard to say that visiting Tahiti is the same as counting a visit to Paris, but according to the preceeding lists visiting either Paris or Tahiti would allow you to tick off France.  Also none of Antartica is on the UN lists, yet visiting Antartica should count for something.  This kind of problem lead to the creation of some extended lists.  

Travelers Century Club

Travelers Century Club was started in 1954 in Los Angeles as a group that well traveled people could join and socialize together. TCC promotes peace through understanding each other through travel. Full membership is restricted to travelers who have visited 100 (a century) countries on the list.

There are about 319 "TCC Countries" and the list is updated by a club committee from time to time to reflect changes in the world political landscape.  Kosovo was a recent addition for example.  Anyone can visit the TCC website and tick off the "countries" they have visited.  A few people have completed the whole TCC list.

The TCC list has more locations then the UN list because they count locations that "are removed from parent, either geographically, politically or ethnologically" For example - Tahiti is technically part of France, but it is silly to visit Paris and say that is the same as visiting Tahiti or vice versa. However as noted above, France, including its overseas departments, colonies, and possessions counts just once on the UN List.  Ceuta, an North African portion of Spain is another such oddity included on the TCC list. 

Most Traveled Person

The Most Traveled Person website has an even longer list that includes sub-national states and remote uninhabited islands.  One can review and tick off against this much more comprehensive list. No one has finished the whole Most Traveled Person list.

"On the road to everywhere" defines the MTP site as the list breaks many countries down into states, provinces, and regions. Currently at 773 locations to visit, the list is updated through a site member nomination and voting process. Charles A Veley is the founder of Most Traveled Persons and can generally be found at the top of the list of prolific travelers.

The MTP site also automatically calculates a traveler's UN Country count from its master list. Another feature allows users to check off against the World Heritage Site List.


However you decide to keep track of your travel, make your wonderings a time to build friendships, increase understanding and learn as much as you can about your world.