The amount of US dollars to the British pound changes on a daily basis. But to get yourself the best deal that you can on your currency exchange. It is advisable that you check the currency several weeks before you plan on changing your money. I know that this is not an option for lots of people, but if you can then try to check it every few days and buy at a good rate that suits you and your budget.

Finding out online how many dollars to the pound there is

How Many Dollars To The PoundOne of the best and quickest ways to keep your eye on the exchange rate is to check online at websites. All you need to do is do a search online for British pound to us dollar exchange rate and you will quickly have access to all the latest up to date currency exchange rates.

You can even buy the currency online at most of these websites as well, with most sites giver you better rates depending on the amount of money you plan on exchanging. If you have large amounts of money to exchange then you will get better rates.

It would be a wise move as well before you buy your currency, to check what hidden costs and commissions are included. Some sites state that currency exchange is commission free, but once you hit the purchase button you find out that there are hidden costs which can dramatically reduce your currency exchange rate from what you think is a brilliant rate to a below average exchange rate.

Gets rates from as many different companies as you can so that you can get yourself the best deal that you can.

The best places to quickly find out how many dollars to the pound there is

Not everyone has got access to the internet to check out how many US dollars there currently is to the British pound. So other good way to keep your eye on it is in the newspaper. Every major newspaper will have all the major currency rates, but speaking from personal experience from using this method. The rates can vary from newspaper to newspaper with some newspapers stating 1 to 2% differences between them. I know this doesn't sound like much, but when you are exchanging large amounts of money even the smallest difference can be costly to you.

Personally I use the newspaper and the internet to keep an eye on the exchange rate and see how many dollars to the pound there currently is. When I'm ready to buy I go into my local town, which has around 5 difference places where you can buy currency. I find out how many dollars to the pound there is at each one. Make a note of the first and second highest then negotiate rates with these currency exchangers. I always tend to get an extra 1 to 2% increase in the exchange rate. Which usually amount to a very healthy amount of money.

I only exchange pounds to dollars when I go on holiday and because the US is several hours away from the UK. I never go the US for less than one week at a time. So I always make sure that I take enough money for buying stuff over there such as clothing and electronics. These items are around 25% to 50% cheaper than the UK.

How many dollars to the pound are there at the moment

At the time of writing this article there is around 1.5 US dollars to every British pound. Which is good news for Americans visiting the UK, because this means they are getting more pounds back for their dollars. But it's bad news for Brits visiting America because they are getting a lot less dollars back, when you compare what the exchange rate was at just a few short years ago. When you could get 2 dollars back for every pound.

It's been a few years since those days, will they return will that depends on a few different things. Personally for me as UK resident who visits the US a few times a year I hope they do.