Although there may be concern you have regarding your age and height, they actually might not be a lot of concern for you if you use these tips:

1. Be sure to have your face and skin clear, although it might even mean resorting to putting an acne product to use. There's lots of kinds available which you can try until finding one that works.

2. One tip is to regularly shave unless you highly prefer another look or/and am attempting to cover up acne or acne scars along with making them not as noticeable.

3. Take measures to ensure that any nose hair, or most of it, is not visible.

4. If you notice a uni-brow, use electrolysis on it or carefully use a nose shaver on it regularly.

5. Keep your nails fairly short and clean.

6. Make sure your eyes look clear, even if it means using eye drops if they look "sleepy" or "baggy".

7. Make sure you regularly keep your hair looking great. But don't resort to using a comb-over if you're becoming bald. Depending on the circumstance, you're probably better off shaving the entire top of your head. Many women aren't concerned about a bald head, and certain ones even prefer it.

8. Amongst the most important of considerations is to maeke sure your mouth always remains fresh. Even take a mouthwash around, preferable a small one to fit in your pocket, if you'll possibly eat. If itd be too inconvenient to brush your teeth on that trip, it's worth it to at least use the mouthwash. This is a top priority.

9. One shower each day at the very least is recommended.

10. Make sure your clothes and overall style are authentically in line with your genuine personality. Thiis is one fo the most crucial tips to go by. If you attempt to be something you're not, it will probably be seen in ways you possibly don't even know! Make sure you're comfortable in your outfit. It's a good idea to try to generally stay away from bright colors and keep your shoes regularly clean since women are thought to take special notice of them.

11. Decide for yourself whether or not chest hair would be a good idea for you, but don't be overlly-concerned about it, as it doesn't seem to be much of a big deal either way. However, try to make sure you do not have much, if any, back hair.

12. Though this could seem kind of ironic, don't try to be overly-fashionable, because chances are that women actually do not want their guy to be more stylish with clothing in general than them.

These requests are gathered from different eBooks which I've read about dating and drawing women. With regards to looks, they should have a positive effect on your overall attention with women after you leave your doorstep.