A mother who is expecting a child mostly spends her time preparing for her babies arrival. She is less worried about her man and all she thinks about is her child. There are so many things you will have to undergo through your relationship when you have a baby;

 You wont get enough sleep in the early months of your baby's life because babies sleep for a short while then they wake up at night. This can make you irritable because you won’t have enough energy to turn tasks like household chores and errands into ordeal. A baby will make you spend less time with your partner and also for you.

 It is so wonderful to be a parent, but sometimes it can be stressful too. You would feel very guilty if you don't give some attention to your new born child. But it’s not bad to take a break away from your child every once in a while.

 Dads also get jealous sometimes when they see their wives spending more time with their child. They feel like women are spending more of their time with their kids than with them. This feeling is normal to them because it’s natural for them to feel that way.

 Your child's birth can also bring about changes with your family too. Your family members can spend most of their time visiting your child and this can make you feel less control of your own life and household.

 You should make sure you at least get some parental advice so that you can be able to handle your child with care.

 You and your partner can start arguing most of the time about who will do this house chore, so it’s better for you to sit down and talk about what’s bothering you.

  You should always consider getting help from your friends and families because they can advice you on how to bring up your child and help you with some chores. Try sharing the experience of birth with your partner like when you give birth, your partner is supposed to be present at your child's birth.

 Let your partner know how you feel, about your joys and achievements and also about your frustrations. Talk to your partner about how you want your relationship to be and how you would like your new family to be.