How Much Are Dentures?

This is a question many people want to know when in need of dental implants. Better than knowing the price, is understanding what your personal dental needs are and how those special needs affect the price of your false teeth.

For example, your dentist will make the determination what kind of denture you in fact need, be it a partial denture or full dentures or be they upper and lower set false teeth.

 It's also important to know that not all dentures are made of the same material. The most common, and cheapest, are the ones made of plastic. You'll need to be concerned that plastic dentures not only wear out quicker, but also have a tendency to look less natural as well. The most expensive denture is the polymer denture, because it's well regarded as made from better material. Polymer dentures have a tendency to also last longer and look more authentic too.

False Teeth Costs

 Again, the cost of the false teeth or dentures could in fact vary widely considering your needs and the material of your denture,be it plastic or polymer. But typically a full set of false teeth or dentures can range from $350 to nearly $10,000 dollars or more.

 What's Included in the Cost of Dentures or False Teeth:

  • The type of denture can drastically affect the cost. If you only need a partial denture, you can expect to pay a little less than the cost of a full set of false teeth, however, if you require a full set then refer to the range applied above.

  • The fitting. When you get dentures or false teeth, your mouth will literally need to be “prepped”. A dentist or prothodontist (a doctor with advanced dental and restoration training) will fit you for your teeth and remove any tooth or bone fragments and obstructions.

  • Multiple visits. Remember it could take several visits, up to six or more, to fully complete all of the denture work.

Cheap Dentures:

When looking for low cost full or partial dentures, you'll want to consider a few things first. Remember that you often get what you pay for.

Keep in mind that if you are going for cheap, be aware that the life of your dentures could be much less than the industry average.

The cheapest plastic partial or full denture could wear out quickly. And as you consider replacing your dentures often, more so than the person who paid for a more expensive pair, the cost of your false teeth go up.

Make sure you shop around for the best prices for your false teeth. Make sure you price various denture options along with dentists as well. The more specialized prothodontist may in fact cost more, than a regular dentist, but if you require more specialized dental work, you may have to see this type of doctor.

You should also be aware that many dentures come with warranties, that can help protect against damage and the costly replacement of your false teeth.

So remember, when asking: how much are dentures? Consider all the attributes which affect pricing.