The actual process to finding the answer of 'How Much Are Eisenhower Silver Dollars Worth?' is a rather simple one, however it will change from day to day, with the spot prices of silver and due to the simple economics lesson of 'supply and demand' (there is a growing interest in investing in silver coins at current i.e increased demand - indicating a continuous growth in the value of silver coins overall, including the Eisenhower Silver dollar coins).

First, you need to hit some research surrounding your particular coin as you may well probably know there was a whole range of Eisenhower Silver Dollars coins that spread over seven years, starting in 1971. So it would obviously be wise to identify your exact coin, as with the different coins their rarity, their grade and other variables will all have a factor to play in its overall worth.

Second, conduct more research into your coin by getting in touch with local silver coin dealers and experts but also look into well renowned books on silver United States coins such as the Red Book of R.S Yeoman. You should also start to check the spot price of silver and gain an understanding of it, as this will then allow you to measure up the price along with how much weight of the coin is actually silver.

Third, from this research you will probably have found a decent amount of detail on your coin this has then allowed you to visit sites such as eBay and look at the past sales of Eisenhower silver dollars coins (that are the exact same coin as yours) and you will be able to get a rough kind of figure as to how much the coin is worth.

Fourth, to find more estimates as to the value of your coin I would head over to sites such as PGCS and NGC (that update prices on individual coins daily) where you can locate your coin on their price guide via the coins year and find a value and rarity for your coin. (You should know exactly what coin they are referring due to the research you have conducted beforehand).

Things to Bear in Mind When finding the Value of Eisenhower Silver Dollars

A potential issue is that the process above may only indicate to you the 'silver value' and not the 'collectors value'. The collectors value places a numismatic value on the coin i.e it is more than just a piece of silver, it has a story behind it. Therefore your specific coin could be potentially more than the prices you have seen, again it is important you carry out research to find the history of the coin and hence how much this could be potentially worth to collectors.

Another few things to bear in mind before you carry out the process above of how you can find the exact value of your Eisenhower silver dollar, is that of the actual condition of your silver dollar coin, as if it is worn this could have affected the overall quantity of silver and reduced its value (where as the above prices may have been coins in 'excellent condition'.

If it does have damage and is worn this will also have an negative affect if the potential buyer is looking to purchase it for its numismatic value, it does obviously depend on the extent of the damage of course. I would also get it checked by a professional  for the simple chance it could be dollar silver error coin, as this can greatly increase the value of the coin due to its rarity. Also by doing this you would confirm the authenticity of the Eisenhower silver dollar coin and that it isn't in fact a counterfeit, there are people out there who purposely design these coins to be sold.