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Ticket Reservation Online

Advantages of Watching Movies in Theaters

Do you wonder how much are movie tickets worth? The question is not about how much the movie ticket prices actually cost, but how much a person can be willing to pay just to watch a movie. The answer to the question depends on how the person values movies in general especially any particular film he or she intends to watch.

Factors Affecting Ticket Price

The actual prices of tickets are dependent on a few factors. One of these includes the condition of the theatre itself. There are categories by which a movie house falls under. Those that are patronized by a larger number of moviegoers can be listed on top of the list. Here, movie ticket costs are normally higher when compared to other cinemas. Most often, these types of movie houses are located in malls and other public places.

Aside from the theatre itself, the movie’s rating is also important to answer the question “how much are movie tickets?” Here, rating does not refer to classification based on movie boards such as General Patronage, Rated 18, and Parental Guidance or PG (often followed by an age level such as 13 or 18). Rating here refers to classification based on quality. This classification is determined by popular and trusted names when it comes to the movie industry in general such as producers, directors, and so on. We can read about these through movie reviews and news reports.

But in most instances, it all boils down to budget. How much is the movie worth based on expenses? Expenditures include fees for the cast and crew with special note on cast since Hollywood and famous stars charge talent fee which may be costlier than the cost of the whole production unit itself. Speaking of production, it also includes expenses on costume, make up and set design, location, and all other miscellaneous expenses. The producer and production company needs to gain profit from everything they have spent for the movie. Thus, it determines prices for movie tickets upon distribution.

The Development of Movie Theatre Patronage

The number of people who can afford movie tickets are increasing every day. When it was first introduced in the early 1920s, going to the movie houses is a luxury only the elite and rich can afford. Decades after, watching movies in cinemas have become as common as eating out in malls and restaurants. It had been transformed into a special opportunity for lovers, friends, and family to enjoy the activity together. People can also watch movies alone in case they prefer to do so.

Ticket Reservation Online

Finding out how much movie tickets are worth had never been the same too. In the past, you need to be in the actual movie house to line up for a reservation. Nowadays, you can check information about what’s currently showing and those scheduled for release over the Internet. You can also reserve seats and pay for it online. Even the seating arrangement can be picked through a diagram available on the reservation websites. Mobile ticketing services are also available and enable people to reserve tickets through their cellular phones. It can be done by logging in through a mobile Internet service or via text messaging.

Advantages of Watching Movies in Theaters

Unlike other options to watch film such as through television and rented or purchased movie disks at home and elsewhere, watching movies in theatres offer more advantages. The most important of which, is the opportunity to be one of those who sees the movie first. It will eventually become available in DVD stores and movie channels, but only after a few months. The movie house experience is obviously better as well in terms of cinematic factors.

The screen is over a hundred times bigger even when compared to the largest television screens. Audio may be similar since some home theatre systems have Dolby now and sound can be amplified for a more cinematic sound experience. Nonetheless, it’s never more real in cinemas than in home or office theaters.

To conclude, how much are movie tickets? They have greater value than all the DVDs and Blu-ray you purchase or rent as well as all movies in television channels. It’s comparable to seeing a concert live versus streaming it in YouTube or anywhere else online.