Hair plugs have been available in the US since the mid 1950's. The technology was not invented here though. The procedures necessary for hair plugs were actually being performed in Japan before World War II usually as a way to supplement eyelash growth. Almost all of the scientific documentation was lost during the war and not rediscovered till several years later by Japanese doctors.

The first attempts at using hair plugs in this country were not very successful due to an inability to manipulate the individual follicles with micro-surgical techniques. The name hair plugs actually was derived from how the hair transplants looked. Fairly large portions of scalp with hair growth were removed and then grated onto the bald areas. This resulted in little islands of hair that stuck out in all directions. The patient's head look like a cheap dolls head with bunches of fake hair plugged into the scalp. Hence the name hair plugs. This early method of hair transplantation did not work too well but advances came fast.

In the 1960's and 70's the implants became smaller and smaller and resulted in a more natural look. Finally, in the 1990's the micro-transplantation techniques were perfected and people requesting hair plugs got a result that was functional and pleasing to the eye.

Hair plugs cost varies depending on several factors. The skill of the surgeon is a factor. As well, the location of the clinic can have a major impact. This procedure is much more expensive in LA or New York than other smaller cities even though there are many fine facilities in these smaller metropolitan areas. Usually, you will find each individual implant costing between $3 and $7 depending on the above factors. Another factor is the thickness of hair at the donor area. The thicker the hair the easier it is to find good implants.

The other major factor in determining hair implants cost is the actual number of implants that are needed to get the desired coverage of the bald spot. These can number anywhere from 500 to several thousand depending on the area to be covered and the thickness of the individual hair shafts. It stands to reason the a large bald area is going to require more implants than a scalp with minimal loss only near the front of the head.

There is a fairly substantial upfront cost for hair implants but the cost becomes quite manageable when you compare it to buying hair growth solutions for the next twenty years. Hair plugs could very well be the answer to your hair loss embarrassment as they are very natural looking and they won't fall off in the pool or when driving with the convertible top down.