How many articles can you write each day if you were able to dedicate 2 hours of writing to InfoBarrel? If you can average only say 5 articles per day in 2 hours for InfoBarrel then you would have a total of 1,825 articles on InfoBarrel. What do you think your earnings would be each month with over 1,800 articles published?

On the low end I would say you would make at least $450-$500 per month but the actual amount could easily be much higher than that. If you can dedicate yourself to averaging 5 articles per day for one year then the financial rewards you would reap would last for a life time. Every month you would get a check from Google Adsense for at least $450.00. I am sure if you were making $450.00 per month off of InfoBarrel without ever writing a single article you become very motivated to write a lot more articles for InfoBarrel.

How much do you think you would make with InfoBarrel if you had 5,000 articles published? Wow, the sky is the limit with InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel does not limit the amount of articles you publish. As long as you keep yourself focused and write a lot of articles you will reap the financial rewards of the InfoBarrel platform.

To earn money you simply need to stay dedicated to continually adding new articles to InfoBarrel until you have a huge folio of articles. In order to earn you need to write a lot. I get a kick out of people who only publish a few articles then state that InfoBarrel does not work to generate revenue. InfoBarrel does generate revenue for their writers but you need to properly utilize their platform. To properly utilize their platform you need to publish and add a lot of new articles. Yahoo would not generate much money if they only had 10 pages of content and neither will you. Yahoo has thousands if not millions of pages of web content. Your personal content on InfoBarrel is the same. You need to have a lot of web content in order to make money.

Your overhead on InfoBarrel is absolutely zero dollars. All you need is a computer and some Internet access and you can make a lot of money with InfoBarrel, as long as you stay focused. Once you get a lot of articles published then you will make money. The more articles you write for InfoBarrel then the better chance you have of earning money. If you set a high goal such as 1,000 articles then you will be rewarded each and every month for your work regardless of whether you keep writing additional articles for InfoBarrel or not.

If you could set a goal to reach such as 1,500 articles and then set an average number of articles to do each day you can easily reach your goals as long as you follow your plan. You may write a lot of article one day and then go camping the next and not write any. As long as your daily averages are met you will meet your goals. Write a lot and earn a lot.