The price of fish oil supplements varies by place so if you want the best fish oil at an affordable price, you’ll have to research different outlets. Their price also varies by size so you want to keep this in mind. At the local drugstore a medium-sized bottle of  these supplements will cost about $5.99 or $4.99 while a larger bottle  may cost close to twenty dollars. Usually drugstores carry discounts so this is a god way to save money on fish oil.

Supermarkets sell fish oil supplements and they usually only carry the smallest size. Most small-sixe fish oil supplements at supermarkets cost about four to five dollars and the price depends on the brand. If you’re getting a well-known brand like Nature Made, you may pay more money while the supermarket brand of fish oil could cost less. Supermarkets don’t really have weekly sales on the oil and this is because it’s a slow seller there.

If you go to a natural health food store, you’ll pay higher prices because a lot of the brands are popular and trusted by many consumers so this is part of what you’re paying for.  A bottle of fish oil supplements at a a natural health food store can range from eight to fifteen dollars depending on what size you purchase. While the prices at natural food stores can be pricey, you’re getting a better quality product because the ingredients in those supplements are more authentic than those in the drugstore or supermarket.

Medical supply stores also sell high quality fish oil supplements and you’ll pay from ten to twenty dollars for a bottle depending on the size and brand. You’ll also find good discounts on fish oil supplements at the medical supply store because this store caters to patients and doctors. Medical supply stores also have websites where they often have weekly or monthly discounts.

Mail-order catalogs sell fish oil supplements and their prices are some of the cheapest. A bottle  will cost between four and ten dollars and even less than this if the fish oil supplements are on sale. When you browse the mail-order catalogs for fish oil supplements lok at the brands to see which one suits your needs.

If you’re interested in getting the best fish oil supplements for your money, visit comparison websites and look at the different prices by retailers of fish oil supplements. Read reviews of the supplements to learn about the quality of the supplements. Read articles about the cost of fish oil in health magazines.

The best types of fish are those with Omega 3 fatty acids and this includes salmon, tuna and trout, For example, you can eat poached salmon with seasoned ramen noodles and vegetables. Tuna salad without the heavy mayonnaise is also a good way to get your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids if you’re not a fan of fish oil supplements. When you purchase fatty fish from the store, you should smell the fish to make sure it’s not fishy.  Also look for bargains at the store that will save you money.

Should you tke fish oil?


Everyone needs their vitamin supplements and daily minerals in the form of food, but it’s also essential that you take fish oil because this oil has the Omega 3 fatty acids you need in order for your body to function properly. Fish oil is good for building your immune system so you can fight of colds and the flu. Fish oil also helps your memory stay sharp and it’s good for inflammatory pain from arthritis. The good thing about fish oil is that you don’t have to pay a high price for it since most stores carry discounts on it.

One of the most important reasons why you should take fish oil is the benefits fish oil offers to your brain. According to the Douglas Report, people who have low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids struggle more with retaining their memory. Fish oil has also been proven to combat cognitive diseases such as Alzheimers disease and dementia in older persons. However, studies are showing that people in their 40s are capable of getting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease although this is rare. You want to use fish oil in your teenage years so your brain will remain sharp once you get older.

If you have a pet you should give him fish oil because it prevents conditions such as kidney disease, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.  A lot of major dog food brands don’t contain high amounts of the oil so the best way to give your dog fish oil is by putting some liquid fish oil in the dog food.  The EPA and DHA in the oil have anti-inflammatory qualities and this helps pets’ joints stay healthy and free from joint illnesses. The DHA in these supplements has been proven to shrink cancerous tumors in pets and it prevents arrhythmia, which is irregular heartbeat, in pets.

According to the July 2010 Issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, fish oil reduces a woman’s chances of breast cancer. Researchers conducted a survey of 35,000 women ages 50 to 76 and the women who used fish oil for ten years had lower risks of breast cancer. The EPA fatty acid in the oil is effective in preventing cancer in general but breast cancer in particular.

Fish oil also helps pregnant women deliver healthy babies and the fish oil can improve the unborn baby’s brain development. Pregnant women shouldn’t consume fish because it has mercury. Instead, they should take fish oil supplements and make sure that the they purchase one that are without toxins or metals. Your best choice would be organic fish oil supplements.

In conclusion, you should take daily doses of the oil because it’s safer than major prescription drugs, which often have negative side effects and could become addictive. When you take it you don’t have to worry about those risks and your body will feel and look better.