Foam insulation cost can vary, depending on if it is professionally done or completed on your own. Quotes can be taken from professionals and the cost of materials can be figured to see what the difference in pricing may be.

It may be cheaper to do it on your own, but might be worth the added cost of hiring a professional if you don't have the time. There is also a tax credit offered, up to 1500 dollars for having the job done.

The cost of foam board runs around $0. 40 per board foot while spray foam runs between 1. 30 dollars to 3. 50 dollars per square foot.

The spray foam is considered to add to the value of a home and resell is higher. A spray foam kit will come with everything needed to apply the insulation, this is added directly into the complete cost.

These kits range from 30 dollars to a little under 1400 dollars, depending on if you are doing a touch-up or the whole nine yards.

For a little under 1400 dollars, there is the Energy Efficient Home Insulation Kit which covers around 1, 000 square feet. This kit includes a spray gun and 15 feet of hose. All the accessories needed to complete the job are in this kit as well, such as; spray fan tips, nozzles, goggles, a Tyvek suit, and gloves.

As foam insulation cost goes, for a little over 600 dollars, you can get the Polyurethane Spray Foam Kit. This kit will cover around 602 square feet, about 1 inch thick all over. This closed-cell foam is fire-rated and meets building codes. A spray gun, similar to a garden hose style, is included with 15 feet of hose. All safety accessories are in this kit as well.

Around $300 will get the Polyurethane Spray Foam Kit that will cover only 202 square feet at 1 inch thickness. There are 10 nozzles included, along with three tips, the spray gun, and 10 feet of hose.

This smaller kit comes with a pair of isocyanate resistant gloves and all the support you need. If you are interested in just a patch job, 30 dollars will get you enough polyurethane foam to spray on a 12 square foot area.

This small kit comes with two nozzles and a mechanical dispenser. Each of these kits comes with instructions for application, as well as helpful hints and a customer support line.

To complete the job and know a general ballpark of the foam insulation cost, you will need to know all the measurements of your house. Once you know how much foam insulation you will need, purchasing it will be easy.