A Quick Word About IPL Vs LASER

Both of these treatments are very similar in the way they are applied and how they target the skin follicles. However, with IPL it uses a "broad-spectrum light" (think light bulb), with LASER it uses a pinpoint light (think Laser pointer).

Each of these targets the base of the hair follicle, causing it to shut down. After 4-6 treatments most people will find that they have to shave less -- or never again.

Some people repeat the procedure every few years.

Once again

LASER - Pinpoint light frequency

IPL - Broad light frequency


Dark Hair, Light Skin

Because both of these treatments target the melanin, or pigments of the hair follicles, it is not recommended for darker-skinned people as it could cause strange mottling and discoloring of your skin.

In the same manner,  if you have blonde hair, and fair skin, you run the risk of targeting the same melanin pigments and discoloring your skin.

The Remington I-Light Pro Is An At-Home Treatment Device

Remington I Light Pro Laser Hair Removal

The Costs

The cost of treatment is going to be reflective of how large an area you are teating.  Smaller areas, such as underarms and bikini lines are going to run around $250-$500 per session

Larger areas, such as your legs and backs are typically going to cost about $900 - $2,000 per session.

In pricing these sessions locally, I've found that a lot of the smaller skin sections start off at $150, and all of our local clinics offer prepaid, and first-time discounts.

Typically it takes 4-6 session to get the results you want, and most people report 80% hair loss, with the hair that remains being finer and lighter than before.

Video Review Of The Tria At Home Hair Removal Device

How Painful Is Laser Hair Removal?

It's less painful than a lot of other options.

However, some people do express that they have pain during laser hair removal.  Most laser devices have different settings, so you can go with a lower setting.  However, you'll have to go through more treatments in order to get your desired results.

In addition, you might be able to get a numbing cream such as EMLA from an online store like Amazon, to help reduce the pain, especially for those areas of sensitive skin.