If you were looking for how much nursing school costs, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I am going to cover some of the costs that I have incurred in my journey of becoming a nursing student. I actually want to become a nurse anesthetist, but for now I will talk about becoming a nurse. Once I actually get my bachelors of science in Nursing, I will then explain how much nurse anesthetists make. Okay, lets jump right into the mix of things.

One thing to remember with stuff like this is that the costs that I incurred may or may not be different than what you are charged. So what this means is that the charges can really differ depending on a wide variety of factors. One factor that has a bearing on nursing school costs is location. Regardless of whether or not you are going for an lpn, BSN, CRNA, or any other degree be it online or not, the charges may vary depending on a number of factors.

Anyways, the first cost that I incurred was the cost of paying for preliminary courses. These include your basic math, science, and English classes. These classes were prerequisites for my degree and to put it simply – they had to be completed. Luckily though, I had good enough grades in high school and college, so I received the hope grant which covered the tuition part of the bill. I only had to pay for books, a dorm room, and food. These three items were quite expensive if I have to say so myself. However, If I do figure out how much nurse anesthetists make, then it will have been worth all of the effort. Alone, these three parts cost about five thousand dollars a year. If I am correct, that is quite a modest amount of money considering the costs of other nursing programs across the country. You see, there really isn't a good way to go about finding the answer without contacting the college that you want to attend. There are out of state charges as well. Online nursing degrees are something else you ay want to consider as well.

Anyways lets talk about how much nursing school costs. I am about to enter a nursing school in the state of Georgia, so I will talk about the costs that I have been charged so far. First of all, there was a little bit of equipment that I had to purchase before going into the cohort. I had to buy the uniform which included scrubs, a lab coat, khakis, and a few polo tee shirts. Then I had to purchase a stethoscope and some other little gadgets. In total, all of this "extra" equipment for nursing school cost about three hundred dollars, but it doesn't end there. I had to attend a few doctors' visits to get a physical and some other things that were required before going to school. Luckily, my insurance covered it and all I had to pay for was the co-pay. Note that because I am going to be participating in a few clinicals, I will also have to buy soe malpractice insurance as well. Anyways, I hope that this helped out with those of you who are wondering how much nursing school costs.