The chin is an underrated feature of the face. For the many that do have a well-balanced chin in proportion to the rest of the face, it goes unappreciated. For others whose chin is lacking and small in proportion to the rest of the face- there is a solutions found in chin implant surgery. Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty is an expensive procedure that can greatly enhance the attractiveness of a person's face. Although expensive, the chin implant cost is a realistic operation for those who can afford it or simply save up for the helpful procedure.

There are various methods of getting a chin implant, through injectables and through fat grafting. Due to these various techniques the price can range. In 2009, according to ASPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons average surgeon's fee for a chin implant was about $2,300. On top of the surgeon's fee the actual implant material, the hospital or facility bill, and any prescription drugs thereafter will also need to be added, making the surgery a costly endeavor. Overall costs for the entire operation expense will range from $2400 to $5500.

Chin implants can be significant self-esteem boosters for those who would greatly benefit. People who have good health, without any existing medical complications and who has a chin that is too small for his or her face are the types of people who seek this specific surgery. The chin implant is definitely a permanent procedure however overtime the form of the chin may be affected through aging. The good news is that further treatments can get the chin implant back to looking great again. The person who considers a chin implant should also be prepared for the long recovery period that is needed after the surgery. Swelling in the chin area may be noticeable and sensitive for months. In fact it may take three to four months until the chin is fully defined. After the recovery period is finished and the results are in, the person will look different and the chin will look completely natural, as if the person was born with it.

Unfortunately, health insurance will not cover a chin implant operation unless the person has suffered trauma to the face. Chin implants are considered a cosmetic procedure. Again, the significant chin implant cost should not deter someone from seeking a solution that could significantly help the way a person relates to his or her self. Chin implants, in many cases are simply worth the expense.