How much green tea should you drink to experience noticeable health improvement? While any amount of this herbal remedy is beneficial, the type and quantity of the brew which you consume matter a lot.

There's another factor to consider here as well. Do you imbibe green tea simply because you enjoy the brew or do you treat it as a herbal remedy and expect to experience significant health benefits? If you dislike the taste of this herbal remedy but plan to drink a lot, there are ways to make this infusion more palatable or supplement it with green tea pills.

How frequently should I drink green tea?

First of all, the frequency of consumption is more important than the amount of green tea you drink. One glass a day for years helps to maintain your health much more efficiently than imbibing a lot of the brew for a while and then giving up this herbal remedy completely. So, consume however much or little you like, but try to have some frequently. You should be well advised to consume more green tea if you use it as a remedy for a particular health issue.

How much green tea shoud I drink for health benefits?

If you wish to experience the benefits of green tea for dieting and fat loss challenge, drink a cup of strong infusion before every meal. This will provide optimal boost to your fat metabolism.

How much of this herbal remedy should you drink to experience other health benefits? A few cups a day provide a lot of antioxidants, which protect you from damaging influence of free radicals in your blood. The brew protects from hightened levels of cholesterol as well as glycation - nasty biochemical reactions that promote aging and heart disease.

How much green tea should I drink to prevent depression?

Steady consumption of green tea helps to prevent depression and stabilize the mood. Japanese trials show that consuming five cups a day significantly reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer. When you require help in fighting infection like the common cold or flu, remember to gargle with the brew before you swallow it.

How much of green tea drink is too much?

Is there such a thing as too much of green tea? While most people may drink as much of the infusion as they want, there are two exceptions.

Some people are sensitive to the caffeine and have negative reactions to drinking a lot of green tea. There's a solution for them. Drinking at least some decaffeinated green tea, especially the last cup before going to sleep, helps to alleviate possible side effects and to avoid insomnia.

How much green tea should I drink during pregnancy?

There's another group that shouldn't drink too much of this herbal remedy: women who plan to get pregnant or are already expecting. There are two reasons for caution.

Too much caffeine can lead to the lower birth weight of the baby, so limit your green tea intake or switch to decaf for the duration of pregnancy. Next problem is more difficult to avoid though.

EGCG, one of the main substances in the green tea, has plethora of health benefits but also one downside. It limites the absorption of folic acid, which is essential for the development of baby's nervous system. While not a concern in other situations, excessive intake of green tea during pregnancy increases the risk of nervous system defects in the developing fetus.

You don't have to completely avoid this brew, but should drink no more than one or two cups while expecting a child. Consider other herbal remedies for this special time in your life. For example, drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy can help you to prepare your uterus for childbirth.

You can expect positive health results if you consume cups of green tea frequently . However, drinking larger amounts yields more significant benefits, unless you are expecting a child or very sensitive to caffeine. If it seems impossible to drink so much infusion, start with one cup daily and slowly increase the amount. Or try supplementing with green tea pills or extracts.