So, right off the bat I want to admit something to you, my readers. So far, I'm only averaging a couple of pennies a day here on Infobarrel. In this article, I'll explain why my earnings are so low, the big mistake you should avoid if you want to make money online, and how I'm planning to skyrocket my earnings from now.

First, my earnings are really low because I bought into the delusion that if you go for your passion, the money will follow. I really wanted to believe in that theory so I gave my passions everything I had and wrote about topics that interested me most without doing any proper keyword research or SEO(Search engine optimization). The results as you can see were pretty disappointing. 2 pennies a day on average are my earnings here on Infobarrel which is really discouraging. Here's why I haven't given up though: I've realized that what I should be doing instead is a lot of keyword research before even thinking about writing an article... I'm going to base my future articles on the keyword research method taught by Pat Flynn on for better results.

In other words, the big mistake you need to avoid if you want to make big money online is that you should never ignore keyword research and SEO when it comes to creating content. After all, how else are your potential readers going to find you online? Again, Pat Flynn teaches an effective way to do keyword research and SEO on his blog at smart passive income.

Basically, like I said earlier in this article, my strategy to skyrocket my earnings here on Infobarrel is pretty simple. I'm going to be basing my keyword research on Pat Flynn's strategy and I'm going to write at least 99% of my articles around keywords/key phrases that have high demand and low competition. Then, I will also apply the SEO backlinking strategy that Pat Flynn teaches on his blog to get my articles to rank really high in the search engine results.

So, that's it, that's my strategy: proper keyword research and on-page SEO, and proper off-page SEO through the backlinking strategy that works.

In essence, I want my experience here on Infobarrel to serve as an example to all you other online entrepreneurs. I've been at this for over 4 months and I have over 100 articles so far and in grand total I've earned under 7 dollars from my efforts. I'm talking about hours, days, weeks, months of research and article writing for very little results. That's why it's so important that you learn from my big mistake and save yourself a ton of time and effort and focus exclusively on keyword researched articles and focus on backlinking and on-page SEO if you want to see results.

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

Thanks for reading and I wish you and I both a load of success either here on Infobarrel or wherever your projects are.