Income Support Help for People on Low Income

The Government in Great Britain has many programs in place to protect and look after low-income households; one of them is Income Support, an allowance or extra money given to people on a low income; although many people are currently taking advantage of this social benefit, others that have recently lost their jobs or are not able to find an appropriate job after finishing University don’t have all the information easily available to apply for this extra help. It is also true that many people use and abuse the system without any kind or scruples; however, the government is implementing extra security checks to ensure that benefits are received only by those who actually need it.


Until you read all the information available and receive some answers for your queries; you won’t really know the financial assistance available for you; there are hundred of questions that many people ask about Income Support on a daily basis, the most common ones are: can I work on Income Support? How to get approved? And the savings that you are allow having when on income support.  The points below will provide some extra information that you should keep in mind before applying for help if you don’t want to be rejected.

How much Money can you have on Income Support

If you have savings over £16,000 you will not qualify to apply for Income Support; you should always be honest about your income and the savings you have. The government is developing extra security checks to identify fraudsters and the punishments are getting stronger.

Income Support Allowance

The Income Support allowance will not make you rich or provide you enough to go on holiday; it is important to understand that it is an extra help if your income is not enough and your savings are not sufficient; the amount you will receive will depend on your age, current situation (single or with a partner) and if you are a single parent.  The minimum you will receive is £53.45 and the maximum £105.95 a week if you are in a relationship and both are aged over 18 years old. You must contact a benefit adviser on for more details about your entitlement as this will vary depending on your own particular circumstances.


Can I work on Income Support?

Yes you can work on Income Support; however, a maximum of 16 hours a week is the maximum permitted in order to quality for this social security benefit


How to Get Income Support

There are many ways to apply for this financial assistance:

  • Telephone,
  • Textphone
  • Downloading a claim form (A1) from Directgov Income Support (it is important to talk to someone on the phone before completing this form in order to confirm you are entitled to this benefit)


Once you decide to apply for help you need to have all the information at hand: NI Number, details about your rent or mortgage monthly payments, name of your current employee (if any) and your bank account details. It is important to highlight that all information about savings and income should be revealed on the form or to the person you are dealing with; misleading information is considered fraud and you it could have serious consequences.