Diligent consignors can earn hundreds of dollars with each load of outgrown children's clothing

Want to make some extra money off all those outgrown children's clothes in your attic? Consider taking the clothing to a consignment store. With a little know-how, you can earn anywhere from $1 to $300-or more-by consigning used clothes.

Tips for Clothing Consignment

Consignment stores get their merchandise from the public, but that doesn't mean they'll accept any old rag you bring in. Ripped and stained clothing will most likely be denied, as these items have little resale value, and tattered merchandise makes the store look bad. Keep your children's clothes consignment-ready by stocking a healthy supply of stain remover and bleach next to your washing machine. Spots should be treated immediately to preserve the quality of the clothes.

Find out about the store's consignment policy before bringing items in. It's good to ask the following questions:

Does the consignment store accept used children's clothing every day, or just certain days of the week?

Do they take seasonal items?

What percentage of each sale will you receive?

How often do they mark down their items, or put them on sale?

What happens if an item never sells?

Does the store keep an itemized list of your merchandise?

How and when can you get your money?

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of money you will make selling your children's clothes at a consignment store depends on how many items you offer, the condition of the items, the store's pricing strategy, and their reimbursement policy.

50% is a reasonable amount to expect from a children's clothing consignment store, although some stores will offer you more, and others less.

An Earnings Example

You bring in a box with 10 onesies, 10 shirts, and 10 pairs of pants. That's 30 items. If the onesies sell for $1.50, you'll get 75 cents for each one; that's $7.50. If the shirts sell for $2, you'll get $1 for each one; that's $10. If the pants sell for $3, you'll get $1.50 for each pair; that's $15.00.

$7.50 + $10 + $15 = $32.50.

Double the amount of clothing you bring in, and you earn $65.

Quadruple the amount (40 onesies, 40 shirts, 40 pants) and you rake in $130.

Not a bad wage for simply getting rid of old clothes that you don't need anymore!

Stretch Your Dollar Even Farther

Consignment stores aren't just good for making money. You can save a lot of money by buying children's clothing there, too. Consider purchasing clothes for your kids at the store where you consign. Once they outgrow the clothes, take them back to the store again. You'll save a bundle this way.


A onesie, bought for $1.50 at a consignment store and then re-sold for the same amount, ultimately costs you 75 cents.

A shirt, bought for $2 at a consignment store and then re-sold for the same amount, ultimately costs you $1.

A pair of blue jeans, bought for $3 at a consignment store and then re-sold for the same amount, ultimately costs you only $1.50. (Note: even if the twice-used blue jeans only sell for $2, you still make $1. That's 1/3 the price you paid for the pants to begin with!)

Kids outgrow their clothing so fast, it makes sense to buy and sell their clothing at a consignment store. Check your local listings for stores that market used children's clothing, and then have fun buying, earning, and consigning!