How much RAM Memory is Needed for a Mini Laptop Computer

When buying a mini laptop computer and you don't know what to buy, you will see a lot of comments about RAM and Processor and Hard disk and many more. You might have seen a few mini laptop computers offering 1GB of RAM memory. So how do you know what will be the appropriate amount of RAM you will need for your mini laptop computer. You of course don't want to hear the answer "it depends". Well it doesn't really depend. If you are planning to buy a mini laptop computer, the RAM memory is one of the most important components.

How much RAM memory: Why do you need a RAM memory?

In all computers, there is a memory called RAM. The hard disk is also a memory but it is just slower and less expensive to buy. That is why your mini laptop computer will have about 160GB of hard disk and will only have about 1GB or RAM memory. Why the difference? Well RAM memory is very expensive but it is very fast. It is often empty when your computer is switched off. That is not the case with your mini laptop computer hard disk. The Hard disk always holds the content even when you switch off your computer.

Why do you need the RAM?

You mini laptop computer needs to send information from your hard disk to the processor. Because the hard disks of most computers are so slow, a part of the information on your hard disk is copied to the RAM memory so that the processor can quickly access that information. That is why the RAM memory is also placed closer to your mini laptop computer processor. With this simple overview in mind you will understand that without the RAM memory your computer will run slower because the process will have to always wait to read the information on your hard disk.

How much RAM memory do you need for your mini laptop computer

Because everyone wants a fast mini laptop computer, you will want to buy the computer with the biggest RAM memory you can afford. That being said, you need to be aware of a simple fact. Buying a Ferrari just because you want go shopping on a weekly basis doesn't make much sense. The same thing can be applied to buying a lot of RAM memory for your mini laptop computer if you are not doing intensive processor work. That is to say that you don't need more than the average 1GB or less of RAM memory shifted with most mini laptop computer. That is because the average user will be only browsing the internet and using their word processor and playing simple computer games. Even the most processor intensive application will run on most common mini laptop computer that are now available. The more RAM memory you can buy the better but that is not the most important thing to consider when buying a mini laptop computer.

How much RAM memory is needed for your mini laptop computer: To upgrade or not

When you already have a mini laptop computer that has run out of RAM memory you will be thinking of upgrading your RAM memory. You can easily upgrade RAM memory in some mini laptop computers whilst others will require upgrading the whole laptop. That is why you will be better off buying your entry level mini laptop computer if you plan only to browse the internet with the laptop. If you want to do more and are taking into consideration future use of your mini laptop computer, you will be better off just spending a little more to get your RAM memory. That is because an upgrade of your RAM memory will cost you more if you were buy it separately.