Everyone wants value for money and the question is, should you buy some appliances even if they are slightly damaged? How much can you save buying these type of home equipments.


Scratch and dent home appliances provide a major bargain for anyone who wants to save money. They are not only for people who are poor, but they can be bought and used by any one interested in saving money. Even high income people like to save money when they are able. I have never purchased scratch and dent appliances, but I would be very interested in them. Often, they may have as little as a small hidden mark, which would no one would notice. For most people, this would not be a major problem with the appliance since the most important thing is that the appliance function properly. I once purchased a kitchen scratch and dent appliance and save up to %30 of the original price. It was in perfect working condition - New Jersey


Scratch and dent home appliances, a great deal if you take the time to find them. I always take a peak at the little back corner of stores for the little pile of pure discount treasure. You never know what may be back there. Or the center isle of a big box store. Little yellow tags, red stickers all equal $100's in your pocket. Time to time a small scratch may occur to a brand new item while unloading into the store. Does that detract from the items ability to function. Answer, most times is not at all. Many times that little dent or scratch is on a side you would never see again. So what would it matter in the long run. Take a Neptune washer priced new at $1,200.00 but on the side a hand truck scratched the paint. Now once this item is placed next to the dryer and up against the wall, will you ever see that again? Is that 20% off worth it. Well at 20% off you are saving $240.00 for a blemish. Is this something for the poor, I would say no. For those that are willing to hunt down the best deal, absolutely! Biggest question, is this something you would have to deal with or settle on living with for that discount? Turns out, if you cant a small bottle of paint touchup for $5.99 in the same department can make that blemish gone for good. Saving you $235.00 for 5 min. worth of effort. Next time take a look, it can be well worth the effort. - Florida
Scratch and dent home appliances are certainly to be considered when purchasing these items. It wouldn't bother most consumers to have a scratch or two on appliances that are in perfectly good working order. Saving money is more important than a simple dent or scratch. People would not frown on friends with this type of appliance. In fact, they would probably think of their friends as having good sense. For one thing, appliances are apt to become dented or scratched at one point or another anyway, over time. It is not just a matter of a small amount of savings either. Consumers can expect to save substantially. With the way appliances depreciate, scratch and dent is a smart investment. At times you can save upto $300 or a refrigerator - New York