Determining a Healthy Balance for Drinking

Water composes an amazingly significant portion of our bodies. Its role in regulating and optimizing long term health is unquestioned. Still, many people wonder how much water to drink. Fortunately, determining healthy daily water intake is fairly straightforward. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you’re properly hydrated, and slurping down H2O that’s as pure as possible.

How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

There are many mythic figures cited in daily life about how much water is appropriate on a day-to-day basis. Eight glasses is the most famous figure, but it’s common to hear about two to three liters or seventy ounces as a magic number. In fact, there is no one size fits all number to healthy water drinking. General guidelines can never override what’s best for each unique individual.

You should drink as much water as you need. Figuring out what the magic number of ounces is can only be done through trial and error. Ideally, your daily water intake should come into your body at a steady trickle throughout the day. Bring a water bottle in hand when you’re on the go, and try to drink two glasses with every meal.

Several easy to measure variables always necessitate more water. Individuals who are heavily athletic or prone to traveling long distances will need more than those who live a more sedentary lifestyle. The same goes for folks living in high altitudes, hot climates, and near industrial centers, where toxins are heavily concentrated.

Moreover, if alcohol, caffeine, and fluid depleting prescription drugs are a part of your routine, you’ll need to drink extra H2O. How much water to drink in cases where these substances are involved is significantly increased, compared to a lifestyle without them. Try to consume twice as many glasses of water as you drink for liquor, coffee, or tea. For drugs, check the insert that comes with the prescription, or consult a physician to find out if dehydration is a concern.

How Much Water to Drink: Determining a Healthy Daily Water Intake

Drinking Purified Water for Health Reasons

Water quality matters as much as quantity. Unbeknownst to many people, chemical pollution is widespread. Purified water in high grade containers is the way to go. Pick a BPA free bottle or stainless steel cup to evade dangerous residue from plastics that may disrupt your hormonal balance and endocrine system.

Purifying your water is important too. Fortunately, today’s technology gives you several options that are economical and efficient. Distilled water is the number one way to get an endless source of unadulterated, healthy water. Consider purchasing a home water distiller. Several electric machines have garnered great ratings, like Megahome’s well reviewed countertop water distiller.

Reverse osmosis water is another good choice for your health. This filtration method safely removes over ninety percent of natural and man made pollutants in drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems may be installed in the home, or used at grocery stores and public dispensaries to fill jugs for around fifty cents or less per gallon.

Obtaining sufficient hydration is absolutely vital for supporting your long term health. Providing for a healthy daily water intake helps support organs, removes toxins, and optimizes your natural defenses. Experiment with different amounts until you feel energized and alive. This is the only satisfying way to discover how much water to drink for your health, rather than relying on sweeping generalizations that may imperil your health.