The NCAA tournament is right around the corner. And nothing is better than watching the games with your best friends. If you start watching the games from the beginning of the tournament; then you will have about one month of college basketball games to watch. Read on to find out how this year can be a memorable one.

Select All Of Your Teams

One of the most exciting parts of the basketball tournament is filling out your brackets for all the teams that you think will win. You can print off a bracket from Espn or Yahoo. You will have many teams to choose from because there are 64 total teams.

The Sunday before the tournament begins is when you will find out which teams are paying whom and when. The first round of the tournament will begin on the following Thursday. Be sure you fill out and print your brackets. You will have to turn them into the pool you have joined soon. If you don’t want to print your bracket off from the Internet, be sure you check your local newspaper. Chances are they will have a large bracket you can simply fill out.

Join A Pool

You can make the tournament more exciting by joining a pool. Surely, if you ask your friends or people at work, they can tell who you to speak with. If you don’t work or don’t have many friends, you can always start a pool by yourself. Just look online and you will come across some. Now you can get ready for the first slate of games to begin.

Its Better With Friends

Have you thought about hosting your own tournament party? Start with some great food and drinks. You can even purchase some party themed decorations. Everyone loves food, so get some game day food. Things like peanuts, chips and dips, and burgers are a great start. You could even have a custom made cake with the colors of your favorite college team.

If you don’t have anyone who is going to come to your pad, surely the apartment community has a media center where there will be plenty of people watching.


Maybe there are games being played near the city you live in. Tickets can be very affordable to these games; and watching in person is something you may never forget.

Make sure you participate in a March Madness pool. And don’t forget to watch the games with friends.