Content is king now more than ever!

We all know that content is king, but what does that really mean. Does it mean that your writing should be seen as if you are a native writer or as long as you don’t have issues with grammar and spelling, you are on the right track? People don’t want to read bland and boring content.


What is the point in designing a beautiful website, which you have spent hours on or paid a lot of money for, and then you go and write a couple of 300 word keyword focused posts, which Google is obviously going to be onto you about.

It is not a great looking design that is going to draw visitors back to your site, but it is the way an article is written. After all, it is the words that are going to sell the products. Writing for the search engines is not an option anymore. Back in the day, you could have got away with a couple of 300 word, badly written posts to complete your websites. However, we all knew this was not going to last. Not everyone is gifted at putting pen to paper and this is where a professional content writer will be able to help you get ahead.

How much is an article worth to you?

The amount you pay for an article varies enormously on the internet, as you may have discovered. Some people may only charge a mere dollar for a 500 word article and others will charge $40. So what is the difference, then, you may ask. Actually - a lot!

Someone who has been writing for years, who have been to college or who calls themselves a professional is not going to settle for a dollar. This is reserved for writers who maybe don't speak English all that well. In some countries a dollar is a lot of money.

how much is this article worth

Some people are fine with paying a dollar for an article and using it for link building purposes. I can't say this is even an option because; you have to ask yourself, what kind of link building are you after. Surely, you don't want to settle for blogs that people just don’t seem to care about. I can tell you now, that people who own PR 2 blogs and upwards will not want any guest posts on there looking like they were written by a non-native speaking person.

In saying that, I think English speaking people can be a little arrogant at times. I am terrible at proof reading, myself. Sometimes an article of mine can look like English is not my first language. I know I’m not the only writer who is careless like this. A lot of non English speaking people try really hard - I would give someone the chance, but this is for you to decide.

There are still a lot of people who will pay next to nothing for an article like this. Then you get people who are pedantic about quality and attention to detail and they won't settle for anything mediocre. They won't mind paying for a good article either.

If you have an authority website and you suddenly put an article up that does wonders for you, you will attract a lot of attention. Many people see this as an investment because the article doesn't have a life span, in most cases. In many instances you are hopefully going to be making money from your article and so that is why it has to be good. Although, you could be writing because you strongly believe in a certain issue - there is no money. There doesn't always have to be money involved with writing - really!

It is tricky going through a content mill because there are so many writers on these sites from all over the world, competing with each other. You may ask someone to write something for you who have the same rating as someone else you hire at the same time. However, these two people will very often produce very different styles of writing. These sites are kind of hit and miss because you may end up with a killer article, but you may also end up with something pretty awful.

content is king

Link building is no different.  The point of link building to get people to link back to you. There will obviously be one or two links on the page and if you have just another bland and boring post full of spelling and grammar mistakes, nobody will even want to get half way down the page. They certainly won't want to click on the links.

Everyone is different and there may be times where you feel you only need to pay a dollar for an article or spend a few minutes on a post, but you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it. At the end of the day you have to think how your site will be benefiting.