I know you have seen Smoky the Bear in parades schools, as well as other venues. You may have also seen other bear costumes such as the mascots at some schools. Have you ever wondered how much do you get paid to dress as a bear?

Smoky the Bear

Smoky the Bear can be seen all over. Smoky the Bear visits schools, parades as well as public service announcements on television. If you dress as Smoky the Bear you probably will not get paid. Most of the people who dress as Smoky the Bear are volunteering their time for a good cause such as helping to prevent forest fires.

School Mascot

A mascot at a high school or college is like being a cheerleader. You also do not get paid. School mascots who dress as a bear are doing it for fun and to help spruce up their resume. You cannot expect to get paid if you are dressing as a bear to be a school mascot.

Birthday Parties

If you rent or purchase your own bear outfit then you can get hired to do birthday parties for kids. Renting a bear mascot can be expensive and you may not be able to earn enough doing a birthday party. A better way is to purchase your own bear costume outfit mascot for performing at private birthday parties. You can easily clear $40-$150.00 for 1-2 hours of work at a kid's birthday party.

Bear Costume

Pan Handling Bear

People who stand on street corners with signs panhandling for money usually make pretty good money. How much could you make if you dressed as a bear holding a sign? It's a unique idea and in the right area I bet you could make pretty good money.

Bear Costume Wages

In general you will not make much money dressing as a bear unless you start your own business for birthday parties or panhandle. Seriously, I bet a pan-handling bear would make some nice money in an afternoon.

Where to Buy Bear Costumes

You can find stores that sell mascot costumes and you can also order a near costume online at various retailers. Some of the places online where you can purchase a bear mascot uniform costume online include:

  • Team-Mascots.com
  • AnyTimeCostumes.com
  • CheerEtc.com

There are many other places online to buy bear costumes but these are among the most popular online choices.

Dressing as a Bear

There are many things you can do while dressed as a bear including making funny YouTube videos of you scaring people while camping. If your purpose of dressing as a bear is to make money then you should make a nice amount of money as long as you treat it as a real business. If you can garner a reputation as the "Go To" bear in your town for children's parties then word of mouth will spread and you will be constantly booking new gigs.

If the kids laugh and have a good time then the parents will also be happy and you can expect a lot of repeat business.