How my Rooster, Clarence, Will Learn Martial Arts to Defend His Hens

At first, Clarence had no reason to study martial arts. He was a proud rooster. He strutted the length and breadth of our backyard, guarding his hens and constantly, showing his affection for them. Whenever a rat or raccoon came into the yard, he would chase it away, and he put out the alert for the big humans who sometimes came into the yard. Without his warning, some lovely hen was going to end up for Sunday Dinner. All the hens loved him and he was indeed a very proud rooster. He has a perfect track record of protecting his lovely hens. But all this was about to change.

At dusk, Clarence spotted an Opossum crawling along the back fence. All his slimy length he drew, and then he was gone, whisked away by something that seemed to frighten him. But the next morning, when Clarence came down from his roost, he was astounded to see that poetic justice had been served. The opossum had strangled himself. Apparently, he had tried to climb over the wooden fence, but the fence had a broken section forming a huge V and the opossum had got his neck caught in the V. And the more he tried to dislodge himself, the tighter he was held by the V until, finally, he had strangled himself.

Clarence Will Learn Martial Arts to Protect His Hens.

What had happened the day before was good news and bad news. Although an opossum had been killed, it meant there were probably others. Clarence's back yard and his hens had become targets. He would have to stay alert, particularly at night. And so it came to pass.

All the hens had gone to sleep, roosting in the chicken house and then Clarence saw what was happening. Two opossums had entered the yard and were creeping along the base line toward the chicken coop. Clarence rushed to the coop and stood with his wings outstretched and his razor spurs flashing. He was in front of the hens, fighting off the opossums. He was a brave rooster. Even though one of the opossums had nearly ripped off one of his wings, he would not retreat. He fought on valiantly. And then Clarence saw one of the big humans come out of his house and come toward the yard. He cornered one opossum that had crawled under some chicken wire. And he ran him through with a hunting knife.

Get Medical Attention and Learn Martial Arts

Deeper into the night, Clarence felt a blinding light upon him. He was sleeping in the fig tree and he knew right away what was happening. If a chicken were wounded, the big human would come into the yard and shine a flashlight into the chicken's eyes to temporarily blind them. They did this so that they could catch the rooster's legs and he would not spur them by impulse. So Clarence found himself being patched up by the human. The human put a splint in his torn wing and in a week or so, Clarence was as good as new. He again exhibited his magnificent strut about the yard. But while he was being doctored by the human, Clarence learned something that was new to him. He was lying on a table near a TV and on the TV he saw an exhibit of chickens that had learned martial arts. Some were experts at jusijitsu, others, Karate, others Aikido, some boxing. Would it not be great to learn some of these self defense techniques to help him fight off the opossums? So Clarence sent a message through the chicken community that he was in need of a martial arts instructor. Soon a towering rooster showed up in Clarence's yard and began training Clarence.

Clarence mastered many techniques of fighting. He learned to kick as well as to spur. He learned how to block attacks on his body, the high, mid and low block. He learned to spin around and kick and all the hens were amazed when they saw their beloved Clarence learning so rapidly. Clarence was learning a mixture of martial arts technique. He learned the rapid peck technique which was similar to a boxer's jab. He learned flying kicks and how to break holds by dislocating the opponent's joints. He learned to scream (KIAA) upon his attack. This was to frighten his opponent. So now Clarence stood guard over his hens with renewed confidence. And then the opossums came. They came in packs now, their smelling bodies dragging over the earth. Clarence detested them. They were like big naked rats that had been bathing in garbage.

Learn Martial Arts Self Defense: The Battle is on.

Clarence took the aggressive stance. He flew at the opossums, striking them with rapid wing jabs and round housing them with hooked kicks and slashes of his spurs. He used flying leap kicks and screamed as he attacked them. All the hens were rejoicing and rallied him on. The Opossums knew they were defeated. There was no way to get at Clarence. So the opossums left, never to return. The hens

gathered around Clarence and lifted him above them, recognizing his leadership and protectiveness. Clarence knew he owed the big human credit for having inspired him to study martial arts. So he went to the big human and thanked him; The human acknowledged him and gave him and his hens some special CORN. And they had a feast.

Well, Clarence became so good at martial arts that he started a school and students would come from far and wide to be trained by Clarence. So Clarence trained a select few to give his specialized training and sent them out into the world and Clarence's system became world famous and appeared on TV. Ironically, Clarence was glad that he had been wounded by the first opossum. This led to his being patched up by the human and this also led to Clarence's discovery of the martial arts.