Everything is a click away, including distractions.

1. Write down on paper what you are looking for

It's important to write down your thoughts on paper because it gives you the opportunity to manifest your thoughts into a physical form.  I find that when I write things down on paper, I am less tempted to write down things that I don't need when I use paper because I don't want to write down a lot of words.


2. Close your instant messengers

This can be a pretty big distraction whether you are currently talking to someone online or not.  I recommend closing messenger applications when you are doing research to minimize the possibilities of interruptions.  There's nothing worse than when you're working on something and another window pops up in front of you, or when you can see a box blinking brightly at the bottom of your screen.


Even if you aren't talking to someone, there's the possibility of getting distracted from your work by anticipating the arrival of a friend online.  Minimizing the sounds and visual distractions created by these kinds of programs can greatly increase your productivity, and keep you focused on the search at hand.


3. Keep tabs to a MINIMUM

Multi-tasking is not always the beast thing to do.  I recommend keeping tabs down to a minimum of around 3, when reading up on information about a particular topic.  It can be rater distracting if you are reading multiple pages on different topics at the same time; it's best to focus on one page at a time and than pages of similar or related topics.


4. Avoid tangents

There's nothing more distracting when searching a particular topic and branching off into multiple unrelated topics, or looking at fat cat videos on youtube.  It's very easy to get distracted, especially since everything is just a click away.  The key to staying on track when viewing search results is to just click on those that are related to what you need.  Simple as that. 


5. Go to social media sites after you have finished

Reward yourself by saving social media until after you have finished your search.  Things like facebook and forums will only add to the distractions.  Remember, multitasking, posting, and answering emails is not going to make your findings appear any faster, it will however break your concentration and lead you to a slower completion time.


I hope these tips help you in your next search, whether it be for a research paper or that appliance that you are looking to get for your kitchen.


Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments below.