Are your articles boring?

Do they need some life injected into them?

If you're reading this, there's a high chance that YOUR articles, yes your articles, are boring! Perhaps they're hard to read, badly laid out, or just plain boring topics.

Let's face it, if your articles are crap, they're never going to last in this market! You want good quality articles to stand up for you for years or months, not days.

1) us propr grammr !!!

dnt u hate ppl whu talk lik diz?
I know I hate bad spelling and grammar on any given article. It's just decent and polite to make sure you've cleaned up your articles as best as you can before rushing it off to publish. Just take a little time out each time to click "spellcheck" every so often.

2) Posting irrelevent pictures all over your article.

Yes, I know the US flag is nice, and yes, I know we all like the Beatles. But seriously, if you want people to start reading your infobarrel articles, you've got to start putting pictures on your articles which matter! It's bad to mislead people into clicking your article because you have a cute little image of kittens curled up on the front!

3) Picking boring topics

Alright, sometimes you will find people will read your boring topics anyway, but I wouldn't be caught clicking an article on the fascinating life of folders.

4) Writing in huge paragraphs.

Surely everyone knows how to use the 'enter' button on their keyboard, right?
If you have it, there's no excuse to ignore it! Too many articles are clumped up and hard to read, because they don't care about who's reading it, they just want the clicks! If you care about your article content, take some time spacing out your paragraphs!

5) Misleading titles

I sometimes click articles and think 'wow, that was completely useless'. It's pretty annoying on the reader's end, so I try to avoid that person in the future. You don't want people to avoid you, so start making relevent infobarrel articles.

6) Change up your fonts

It's more stimulating for the reader if they can look at a nicely presented article, instead of something slapdashed together just for the sake of earning money.

I hope all this advice will help you to create better articles for Infobarrel!
Good luck with all your infobarrel adventures!
Good luck with all your adsense adventures too!