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A Mouse exterminator focuses not only on eradication of mice but also on prevention of their infestation in future. Usually exterminators develop a comprehensive plan to know about the things that attracted mice to enter your home and normally make several visits to make their plan to stop their access to your home successful.

In order to eradicate existing mice in your home a mouse exterminator normally evaluate the situation before acting on any plan. Mostly they use traps and various types of poisonous chemicals to get rid of these harmful small animals but the chemicals used to eradicate mice can also be harmful for children and pets in your home. So extra has to be taken in order to use these products for this purpose. But there are several natural remedies which can be used to eradicate successfully.

Though it can be difficult without chemical products but in order to know how to get rid of mice naturally you must know about some of the natural mouse repellents which can help you in successfully getting rid of these nasty small animals without engaging a mouse exterminator for this purpose.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Mice

Sealing up the possible entries…You can easily get rid of mice in your home without any external help by sealing all the tiny holes and cracks in which the head of a mouse can enter. The body of a mouse can pass through a hole or crack in which his head can pass. It is an effective solution of this problem and can be easily materialized by stuffing used scrub pads from your kitchen into to these holes.

Peppermint oil…On of the effective home remedies can be peppermint oil to get rid of mice in your home. Peppermint oil works as a good repellent for mice due to its intense smell and is easily available ingredient from any grocery store or health care store in your town. Just put a few drops of peppermint oil on cotton ball and place it near the expected pass ways of the mice like doorways, or vents or windows. Growing peppermint plant near these pass ways of mice can also be a good alternative in this respect.

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Kitty litter tub…It can work as a good repellent for mice in your home as they leave after sniffing the smell of cat's urine.

Closing the mouse hole with steel wool…You can prevent mice from entering again into his hole by obstructing it with steel wool as it cannot be chewed by the mouse.

Using traps…Several types of traps are available in the market which can be used to entrap these little mice. It is one of the effective ways popularly used for mouse extermination on humanitarian grounds. You should choose the best bait for mouse trap to attract them. A mouse cannot get out of the trap once caught in it. The trapped mice are normally released in open space far away from the localities or near woods so that they may not return to your home.

Using dried snake poo…Normally dried poo of the snake is not readily available but you can get it easily from a zoo, reptile center or a pet store near your home. Putting the snake's dried poo near the mice holes or on the pass way of the mice can easily eradicate them from your house. But you should be careful while placing the snake's dried poo as it can be harmful for children and pets.

Keeping your home clean…Normally spilled eatables in your home attract mice to enter it. So to keep them away you should keep your home clean after every meal. You should keep your foods in airtight containers to keep them safe from mice.

Using beeping device…A beep sound from electronic devices also help in eradication of mice from your home, without engaging a mouse exterminator, as mice hate the sound. You can easily get these devices from your local hardware stores in your town. Putting one device in each room can work effectively in eradicating them.

Put the trash cans covered…The smell coming out of your trash cans also attract mice so either you should keep them covered or keep them away from your home as far as possible.

Cat as mouse controlCredit: pestkill.orgPet cat…A pet cat can also be a good natural remedy to eradicate mice from your home as they usually track them to hunt for their food.

Organic solutions…Several formula organic solutions are also available in the market that can also be helpful in the extermination of mice from your home. But this natural remedy for extermination of mouse can be a costly affair for large assignments.

Organic solutions…Several formula organic solutions are also available in the market that can also be helpful in the extermination of mice from your home. But this natural remedy for extermination of mouse can be a costly affair for large assignments.

Killing the mice: Some people kill the mice for effective eradication from their home but it cannot be used to eradicate them permanently as more mice can enter into you home to eat the food trashes and other eatable spilled in your home. Moreover it is an inhumane method of mouse eradication which should be avoided as far as possible.

Peppermint to get rid of miceCredit: www.wikihow.comThere can be several other home remedies for getting rid of mice but the basic thing to be considered will preventing their infestation that you will have to be careful in keeping your home clean and keeping the possible entry points closed so that mice may not get attracted to the spilled pieces of food through these holes.

All the natural methods discussed above in this article for the eradication of mice from your home can be utilized by you with your personal efforts without any help of a professional exterminator of mouse. But if you find it difficult for you or you have no time for these simple natural methods of mouse extermination then you can hire the services of a professional mouse exterminator.

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