Back pain can be caused by many things: an accident, injury, birth defect, strains or just bad body mechanics. Many times being overweight can cause back pain, as can aging and even stress. If you suffer from back pain, certain things can make it worse such as not getting enough exercise, sitting in a computer chair too long and wearing the wrong shoes. Sometimes, something as simple as buying a new pair of shoes from stores like FootSmart or can reduce your back pain.

Old Shoes and Back Pain

While there are many reasons back pain can be brought on or made to worsen, the one thing that everyone should consider before risky surgeries or expensive chiropractic visits is their shoes. If your shoes are worn or broken down, they are offering little support and can actually be doing some damage. Old shoes throw your mechanics off; you actually end up over compensating and walking in a different manner. This can cause a misalignment of your legs, hips, torso and back. It may sound too simple to be the reason for your back pain, but sometimes it is as simple as buying a new pair of shoes that offer good support.

Inspect Your Old Shoes

Before you buy new shoes, take an inventory of your old ones. Inspect them for heel wear or sole wear, and make sure they have a good arch support. If you find excessive wear on the shoes, throw them out.

Think about the type of shoes you wear most; if you are wearing flip flops or sandals most of the time, you are not getting the support you need. Shoes that offer no arch support will have your foot rolling to the side. This can throw your body off balance or add increased pressure and stress to your leg and hip; this leads to bad back pain.

Get Rid of Bad Shoes

All the shoes that you have found in your closet that are worn, broken down, aged or offer no support should be discarded. There is no reason to keep shoes that will only offer you pain, no matter how cute they are. If you can't bear to get rid of them, keep them for gardening, painting or other tasks. If they are not in that bad of shape, consider donating them.

Buy New Shoes

This is the fun part; go shoe shopping. You can treat yourself to a pair of quality shoes that offer the support you need. There are brands that chiropractors suggest. If you have to have a pair of flip flops or sandals, find them with support in the arch. The new shoes will offer the structure your body needs and will reposition your feet, legs and back as you stand and walk in them. You will slowly feel the shift of pressure be removed from the nerves that are causing your back pain and you will begin to feel better...all by simply replacing your old shoes.