how to get a job

With the economy slowly trying to recover, looking for a good job is as hard as ever. You need to tweak that resume, brush up your writing skills, and keep at it. Whether this is your first job, or you were with a company for years, got laid off and now are looking again, you would think that most applicants would know some of the basics when it comes to finding a job.

Below is a list of how NOT to get a job. Believe me, everyone of these is true and has happened. I do bookkeeping for my own business and I help with my sisters business. She is an electrician with four employees, and the day I am working in her office (one day a week) I will help by answering the phones, to give her a break. In that one day, you would be amazed at the amount of people that are job searching in this trade.

But this is a list I have compiled, just to give you an idea of what NOT to do when trying to land that job.

1. Phone the company and tell them just how great you are, and how it is amazing they have gone this long without your help. Tell me about all the people who think you are fabulous, and how you can do the job with your eyes shut, and when can you come in for an interview.

2. Phone up and ask to speak to the owner, and when you hear that the owner is not available, demand to know their cell phone number as you don't have all day to wait for a call back.

3. Tell the person who answers the phone you have decided you want to be an electrician, and want to be hired as an apprentice, but need to start at 20.00 dollars an hour or it is not worth it.

4. Send a resume to the company email and have your return email address something that "can not be repeated in public dot hotmail dot com". This looks really professional!

5. Drop off a resume at the office, and look like and smell like you just rolled out of bed. Hand it to the person all folded up, and looking like you sat your coffee mug on it.

6. Send me a resume that is in the language of your country. I don't know how I am suppose to read it?

7. Phone up the company and tell them you are considering them for a job, but need to know how long the breaks are and what type of benefit package is available before they will consider working for you.

Honestly, the above seven incidents have happened. I don't know if this is because it is a trade based business. But these people have made even "half hearted" applicants look really good!

This business gets lots of applicants. The business is listed in the yellow pages and online, therefore it is easy for someone to go through the yellow pages and just phone them up. But if you are looking for a job, a real job, I am sure that 99% of you must know that this is not the way. At first I thought it was a joke, but we seriously get these odd applicants .

I don't know who teaches them how to apply for jobs, or how to land a job, whether someone forgot to teach them manners or this should be a subject in school but so much for selling yourself to a potential employer!

Many laid off personnel, have access to unemployment benefits that include how to write effective resumes, and how to find a job. Maybe some of the above people should have gone to that class. There is nothing wrong with having confidence, but that is pushing it!

If you can come up with a clean, simple one page resume (2 pages and a cover page and it is too long) about who you are, what your background is and what you can do, this is perfect and could get you that job interview. Then show up looking showered and clean this would be a bonus!