In today's bad economy it would be very easy to rationalize why you're not receiving job offers after several rounds of quality interviews. After all, the economy is bad and there are numerous applicants, let me correct myself, numerous is not the best word to use here, more like hundreds of applicants for any job worth pursuing.

But does this mean that could be why you are not receiving any job offers? Maybe, or maybe not! It could be several factors that you may, or may not, be fully aware of. Below I have listed three reasons why people are not getting employed despite being excellent interviewees and outstanding candidates for the positions they are applying for.

Number One. Arriving late for the interview and/or not bringing several copies of their resume. I can't tell you how many times a high quality candidate would show up 20 min. to 30 min. late for an interview and think it was perfectly okay to do so. I guess they must have forgotten my time is valuable as well. What this demonstrates is a "lack of value for the interviewers time" whether it be the hiring manager or HR professional - showing up late is the number one reason why applicants will be quickly determined not acceptable. Also, not bringing copies of their resume is something I see quite a bit of and it just shocks me when this occurs. Always, always(!) bring several copies of your resume and do not assume that they have copies waiting for you when you arrive for your interview.

Number Two. Interviewing an overly arrogant and self absorbed candidate most times will immediately dismiss them from the job interview process. In being self absorbed and overly arrogant about their abilities usually means they are not a team player and will be trouble for the hiring manager at some point down the road if they should be hired. Most HR executives and hiring managers who do interviews are trained to spot this type of personality. So, if you feel you are overly confident, and may be coming across as such during your interviews, this could be the reason why you're not being invited in for second or third interview.

Number Three. You go through several rounds of interviews, you provide all the required support documentation to verify your background and your skills, and you wait (or so you think) for the inevitable job offer – that never comes. More likely than not, it could be your references. What I mean by that is not your references that you list on your resume, but the references that they are contacting that you did not list that may know of your previous work experience. Quite often a specialized area of employment, perhaps yours, is a very small world and everyone knows everyone else within this world. Ask yourself this, how many people know you, and of those people, how many think you are a stellar performer? Just something to think about.

So here above are three reasons why you may not be getting employed. Review each one and do a thorough self assessment so you can get employed.

If you are suspicious that one, or two, or all three of the above items apply to you then it is time to make adjustments to your personality style as well as your interview performance so you can move forward in the job search process.