Space Doves

Short attention span? Daunted by life? No motivation? Do any of these attributes describe you? Well if so, you needn't worry that Lonely become one of them as well because, quite frankly, you're not alone! There are thousands of us! People who are overwhelmed and underachieved, people who just want so badly to meet their goals, but not badly enough to introduce themselves. So welcome to a little training article that will help you learn how to conquer your goals and parade the streets in victory.

Find the driving force
Straight up, the first question that you must ask yourself is do I actually want to do this? It's a prerequisite to know if your goal means anything to you, if you have to have chosen your battle and chosen it well. The significance of this is obviously finding the driving force that will get you to your loftiest ambition. If the only reason you want to be able to eat 40 pounds of flapjacks in twenty minutes flat is because your great aunt wants the bragging rights on your behalf... that probably ain't gonna get you through, sorry. If, however, eating 40 ounds of flapjacks is going to give you laser vision, well that's something to capitalize on isn't it? It is exactly that, which will give you the energy to accomplish your goals. Passion. Find and follow your passion in your goal and it will give you the motivation and strength you need. And hey, laser vision is pretty nifty.

Make it awesome
Building on your recently rediscovered passion; the next thing to do is to create activities and approaches that will embody and remind you of why you are doing what you are doing. Go right now and combine some of your hobbies, interests, whatever with you goal. For instance, if I am trying to improve my pounds-of-flapjack-per-second ratio and I also really love ski jumping I must find a way to combine that two. The only way to do that of course is to hang flapjacks all the way down the run at mouth level and inhale them as I go. You got to use your brain.

Get away from it!
Everybody knows that terribly overwhelming feeling of repulsion from work, inciting the gag reflex at the very thought of goal accomplishment. We all know this, and we all know that we don't get too much done when we feel like this either. So how do we treat that? Well, two ways; find some way to make it it interesting (above) or take some time away from it. Finding the balance between these is quite key, I would say. If you decide you are not going to work on what you are trying to work on, then you should bloody well make it worth it! Don't just sit around and mope! Boogy! Boogy I tell you! The whole point of not working away is so you can live a little and then come back ready to rumble. Cram as many adventures and hooliganeries into your time as possible, even take out your frustrations on something. Go flapjack golfing!

Conquer it
Once you are sufficiently adventured, come steaming back with a feisty attitude and show that wok who's boss! At every level of progress, make a point of jumping up, waving fists and legs, and shouting demeaning remarks and 'who's your daddy?!' Take pride in small victories. When you finally completely complete your task and accomplish your goal; double the vigor. Give it a reminder of all the witty demeaning things you said to it, say 'em again! Then top it off with a victory boogy and dancing in the streets. Let it be well known that you, are the master.